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Dot Net Framework Interview Questions
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what are the aggregate functions in ASP.NET?

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I am going for H1B visa interview, I am not having bank statement ,is it neccesary for stamping process? how to handle the,consulate people without that statement ?

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Diffence between .net framework 1.0 and 2.0?


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why DotNetFramework is included in building a software

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What is the difference b/w constant & read only variable?

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I want to fetch data from datareader. i have three tables in datareader. i want to bind my two table with datagrid, then i want to fetch a value from my third table. do u have any idea pls help me. we use dr.nextresult() for multiple tables.


How the framework differentiate between 2 version dlls? eg Version 2.0 and 2.1 dlls are there. both are referred in the code.but we are using only name of that dll not the version number. in run time how the framework know which dll has to be referred?


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What is "out" parameter how it is used in methods?


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How to identify the Code which Complies corresponding Compiler in .NET? Means Suppose, i am taking One project A.. in which code is implemented using C# langugge. And Another Project Which Code is implemented using VB.NET. Suppose I am creating Project C. i am adding Reference of Project A and B to Project C. So, in Project C, how to identify Project A is Complied through CSCompliler? And Project B is Compiled VBCompiler at Runtime?

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what is the diff b/w 2.0 & 3.5


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How to add 'ASPNET.mdf' file into server explorer in visual studio 2005?

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Can you Write the GC(Garbage Collector) Algoritham in .NET? (But not Explination of Working of GC).


If u have an Empty Xml file and u have to bind dataset data to empty xml file? if u have an empty dataset u have to bind xml file data to it?


How to ensure the credentials for WebService using Windows authentication


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how to face first interview in .NET?

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Post New Dot Net Framework Questions

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What are action filters?


Is it possible to share a view across multiple controllers?


What is the significance of nonactionattribute?


mention what is code first approach and model first approach in entity framework?


What is controllercontext?


What is entity graph? : Entity framework


How to update one of my table in database at 4pm every day how it is possible?


Describe the gac in the .net framework.


How to return the JSON from action method in ASP.Net MVC?


Which version of .net framework is installed?


How you can implement custom validation in MVC?


Is .net framework backwards compatible?


What is entity sql? : Entity framework


Can we have enum in entity framework?


Can we add constraints to the route? If yes, explain how we can do it?