ASP.NET Interview Questions
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What is Auto-event wireup? what is the default value for this? when u change the value what will happen?


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Can One website be made using two different languages like c#, etc......


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Urgent requirement of .NET in CMMI Level3 COmpany Pune


How to Convert a String into Float without using any built- in library of .NET String = "1235.45" needs to converted to a float

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Question asked by one of interviewer in panal is given below: We have 2 user control on same page ,1st user control contains textbox and a button while 2nd user control have label. when ever we click on button click of 1st custom control button the value of the textBox will get updated into Label of 2nd custom control. How to do this.Your help will be appreciated.

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What is the relationship(in oops) between codebehind and inline code(.aspx to .aspx.cs)??? explain

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can we pass values from one page to another page without redirecting to that page?

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What is Fragment Caching in ASP.NET?

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what is difference between const, static and readonly?


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What is state management in and define Client-side state management and Server-side state management?


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How to remove cache object in


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What is difference between user control and custom control?


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Why do we need Web Services?

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how we Creating a Web Service

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how we use web services

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Types of instancing properties and explain each. Tell the difference between multiuse,singleuse and globalmultiuse and which is default ?


How do u deploy ur project?


They mostly asked difference between versions of technologies


witch is the best insistute in sharpoint course.what abt future of share point course.


How many types of server controls do we have?Also explain differance between them taking an example of ASP.NET?


ASP.NET 2.0's new membership API used for creating and managing user account is exposed through which 2 clause?


benefits of migration from asp to hi frnds, i have to give presentation to a client about how useful would be migrating their project from asp to .plz give me some points which i should incorporate in my ppt thanks


How u refer webservices?


can s/w quality assurance engineer switch field to programming side i m very much interested in programming but not much good in it


1.what is the application pool. 2.what is the HttpModile and Http Handler. 3.C# 3.0 Features ? 4.Anonoymous Type,methopd and claas in 3.0? 5.difference between statsic and const ? 6.session vs application 7.state management clint side and server side ? 8.Genric list 9.c# 3.0 vs 3.5


What is work flow gen? how can it will work with .Net?


In early binding will the method invoked on com component will verify it?s existance in the system or not ?


how to write html code with ssl


what are the security certificates used in webservices?


How do you initiate validation on the server manually? What are two situations when you might you want to do that?