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what is the jit? what is the type of jit and purpose of it>


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write a sample code make use of xmltext writer


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how to update data using store procedure

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We are using Jscriopt validations and at clint site javascript is not running that time validation would work? if yes then how it would behave?


i develop a web application and i gave security setting i.e autherization and athentication now it work properly on my local system , now question is ,is this security setting ie autherization and athentication which i gave in web.config will it be enough strong to secure my application on internet or i have to use some 3rd party tool or software to get security .if yes --how ? if no--what is the alternate?


how to implement some securty aspect in our application i.e 1.cookie poisioning. encryption. 3.forcefull browsing 4.sql/code injection 5.securing web app by using web services question is how to implement these thing in our application is this done by hard coding or by help of some tool



When we are requesting a new URL through Response.Redirect() the new page wil open on the new browser window or it wil open in the same window? If we use Server.Transfer() what wil happen?

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diff between Server.Transfer() and Server.Execute()

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Suppose you display a data having 200 records in a datagrid. Then you edit 100 records of them. Now when you will press update button,all 100 records should be updated in single shot rather than reading every record and updating. How to do it?


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How do you manage session in ASP and ASP.NET?


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How do you handle session management in ASP.NET and How do you implement them. How do you handle in case of SQLServer mode?

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For a server control, you need to have same properties like color maxlength, size, and allowed character throughout the application. How do you handle this?


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What is custom control. What is the difference between custom control and user control?


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What is the syntax for datagrid and specifying columns?

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Can the dictionary object be created in client?s scope ?


what is silver light when will we use silver light,


How to send a DataReader as a parameter to a remote client ?


a web application needs to be created to accept the product name and quantity of a toy from a customer. After the customer has entered the product name the application needs to display the discounted price of the product to the customer (company is offering 35% discount on all products). The application should allow the customer to select the product name from a list box. and also while i'm data binding to a label with custom data binding with some declarations : "The Discounted Price is "+((System.Convert.todouble(lblprodprice.text)*(system.convert.todouble(txtqty.text)) - ((System.convert.todouble(lblprodprice.text)*(system.convert.todouble(txtqty.text)*0.35)). Where i need to give this declaration in 2.0.


i want to implement grid view value in paypal site. so how to create this code in with C#


ASP.NET 2.0's new membership API used for creating and managing user account is exposed through which 2 clause?


explain code with multi inhertance


hi .net gurus. plz if any one has dumps on 70-631 and 70-541 on windows sharepoint services kindly mail me.


3. What goals do you have in your career?


which one is more flexibility and reliability and durability (VS)php which one is best and which one we do nice to create dynamic websites


Dataset is the disconnected environment. suppose if you are binding records to gridview (disconnected environment) and you are making changes to the the grid but before updating the database if any other user modify the data, how will you avoid such problem?


What is work flow gen? how can it will work with .Net?


Can anyone please tell me that the question posted on this website are Sufficient for the interview with 2+ year experience in .net


We are using Jscriopt validations and at clint site javascript is not running that time validation would work? if yes then how it would behave?


How can we communicate with each server in N-tier Architecture? and what are the methods?