ASP.NET Interview Questions
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Name two properties common in every validation control?

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Which property on a Combo Box do you set with a column name, prior to setting the DataSource, to display data in the combo box?

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Which control would you use if you needed to make sure the values in two different controls matched?

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How many classes can a single .NET DLL contain?

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What are the different types of Session state management options available with ASP.NET?

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What is the lifespan for items stored in ViewState?

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What does the "EnableViewState" property do?

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What is the Difference between user and server controls?

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Can the action attribute of a server-side tag be set to a value and if not how can you possibly pass data from a form page to a subsequent page?

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What is the role of global.asax?


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How would ASP and ASP.NET applications run at the same time on the same server?



Explain the differences between Server-side and Client-side code?

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What are ASP.NET Web Forms? How is this technology different than what is available though ASP (1.0-3.0)?

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How do you create a permanent cookie?

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How is a property designated as read-only?

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What is Difference between Production Serves and Development Servers? And Suppose, m adding/deleting C# file in a project based on the Specific Requirement. These Files are Automatically updated in Production Servers? So Which tool is needed to do This One?


How u refer webservices?


About CLR, reflection and assemblies?

791 to encrpt query string in 2.there are 10000 records then i wnat display 5000 records one gridview and 5000 records another grid view what is the process?


I have an excel file with data, i am importing this excel file data into Sqlserver 2005 database. while importing i am getting wrong data(ie, special characters) in one column(description column), upto some limit the data in that column is coming fine,after that data is coming like below. The "Walter" leather storage bench is one of our most popular styles. The top with the tufting and double stitching finish a very impressive piece. The size is perfect in front of beds and the storage adds another functional bonus. Open it up and sneak al���Ƴ�Â��ƴ�Ã��ƶ�Å�� al���Ƴ�Â��ƴ�Ã��ƶ�Å�� Is there anywhy to resolve this? (I am using recordset in coding for developing import process.) please help me soon.


How can we prepairing Interview


if i wanna deploy my project to the production server and situation is that i m still not compiled my project i have as-is on my development side now on production server we dont have a visual studio now what kind of settings i need to be to do in webconfig /machine.config file to deploy my project and in iis too....


Error : The operation couldn’t be performed because ole db provider sqlncli10 for linked server was unable to begin a distributed transaction.00000110 oledb provider for linked server returned message the partner transaction manager has disabled its support for remote/network transactions. I can able to execute the stored procedure in sql server but when i run the web page getting error like above. I did all the configuration. what is the solution?


How can we secure the data which is send from client side to server? Like the login id and paasword needs to be authenticated on the server but we cannot send it in plain text into the server.One more thing we are not using the SSL here.


How Session outproc in Sqlserver stored?


I want to connect a system in LAN and I want to access that. Whenever I am moving a mouse in my desktop, the similar thing has to happen in another system in which I have connected. I need coding for this in C# and ASP.NET Can anyone please help me. It is very urgent. Thanks in advance. My email id is Will you please?


what cut off mark for po's,what questions they asked for interview?


In Data grid the question is below quantity price total these are 3 fields available in data grid if you enter quantity the total has to update automatically.Price field is already filled completely


what is meant by sitemapnode ?


Write some code using interfaces, virtual methods, and an abstract class`