ASP.NET Interview Questions
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What is the difference between Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect?

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Can you explain the difference between an ADO.NET Dataset and an ADO Recordset?

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What is the Global.asax used for?

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What are the Application_Start and Session_Start subroutines used for?

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What is an assembly?

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Describe the difference between inline and code behind?

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Explain what a diffgram is, and a good use for one?

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Can you explain what inheritance is and give an example of when you might use it?

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What is MSIL?

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Which method do you invoke on the DataAdapter control to load your generated dataset with data?

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Can you edit data in the Repeater control?

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Which template must you provide, in order to display data in a Repeater control?

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How can you provide an alternating color scheme in a Repeater control?

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What property must you set, and what method must you call in your code, in order to bind the data from a data source to the Repeater control?

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What base class do all Web Forms inherit from?

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is there any third party tools are using in .net technologies? what are there ? give me the brief introduction?


How to communicate via Remote proxy with Client? a)MarshalByRef b)Marshal by Value or Any thing else?


How about the security in Activex DLL and Activex EXE ?


What would be salary for 8+ years of experience in ASP.NET in different metro city in india?


What is work flow gen? how can it will work with .Net?


i want to implement grid view value in paypal site. so how to create this code in with C#


Error : The operation couldn’t be performed because ole db provider sqlncli10 for linked server was unable to begin a distributed transaction.00000110 oledb provider for linked server returned message the partner transaction manager has disabled its support for remote/network transactions. I can able to execute the stored procedure in sql server but when i run the web page getting error like above. I did all the configuration. what is the solution?


1.can we add connection string in global.asax?????????? 2.what are the default files included when we create new web application????


is gateway for sms continue connected for sending


What is the compiled object?


How can you implement encapsulation in


Why is the standalone environment only useful during the development process?


Apart from IDE what are the enhancements in 2.0?


i want the technical questions and answeres


Any one can tell how we store tiff format images in database and retrive from the database(need for tiff format only)