ASP.NET Interview Questions
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In what order do the events of an ASPX page execute, As a developer is it important to understand these events?

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Which template must you provide, in order to display data in a Repeater control?

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can we remote debug applications with the remote debugger installed with 2002, with 2003?


what are the advantage in and what are the question ask for interview in and



What is caching? What are the different types of caching?

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what is the differance between .DLL & .EXE

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What are the major differences between asp.net1.1 and 2.0?

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Why do we use Option Explicit?


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what is the Difference between Dim Object as object AND dim obj as myform?


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How do we make a poperty read only?


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What are session variables?


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In what languages in ASP written?


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Define Query Interface,Adref,Release?


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Windows Authentication (via Active Directory) and SQL Server authentication (via Microsoft SQL Server username and passwords). Which one is trusted and which one is untrusted?

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what is the assembly?

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Any one can tell how we store tiff format images in database and retrive from the database(need for tiff format only)


What is work flow gen? how can it will work with .Net?


1.what is the application pool. 2.what is the HttpModile and Http Handler. 3.C# 3.0 Features ? 4.Anonoymous Type,methopd and claas in 3.0? 5.difference between statsic and const ? 6.session vs application 7.state management clint side and server side ? 8.Genric list 9.c# 3.0 vs 3.5


How ViewstateMac works?


How can we update records in gridview?Is there any appropriate code for it?


Write some code using interfaces, virtual methods, and an abstract class`


How do u deploy ur project?


i want the technical questions and answeres


Hi this is the coding for adding data in to an xml table i want the coding for update and delete Try Dim emp_xml_doc As New XmlDocument If System.IO.File.Exists(Server.MapPath("emp.xml")) Then emp_xml_doc.Load(Server.MapPath("emp.xml")) Dim myrow_element As XmlElement myrow_element = emp_xml_doc.CreateElement("EmpDetails") Dim str As String str = "" & TxtEmpId.Text & "" & _ "" & TxtName.Text & "" & _ "" & TxtSalary.Text & "" myrow_element.InnerXml = str emp_xml_doc.DocumentElement.AppendChild(myrow_element) emp_xml_doc.Save(Server.MapPath("emp.xml")) Response.Write("Record Saved") Dim ds As New DataSet ds.ReadXml(Server.MapPath("emp.xml")) GridView1.DataSource = ds GridView1.DataBind() Else Response.Write("File does not exist.") End If Catch ex As Exception Response.Write(ex.ToString) End Try *********************** this is the xml file 100 xxx 2000 yyy dddd 77777 rrrr rrrr 6666 qaqa sini 50000 errrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrr 677777 rrr rrr 33


How many types of server controls do we have?Also explain differance between them taking an example of ASP.NET?


benefits of migration from asp to hi frnds, i have to give presentation to a client about how useful would be migrating their project from asp to .plz give me some points which i should incorporate in my ppt thanks


About CLR, reflection and assemblies?


where can i gather the materials for MCP certification


what is AutoEventWireUp and what is the use of This property explain in details?


what is meant by sitemapnode ?