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AI Languages Interview Questions
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 What is the output of the given statement in LISP? * (Setf part-bins (make-array ‘(4))) * (setf (aref part-bins 0) ‘nails); * (setf (aref part-bins 1) ‘nuts); * (setf (aref part-bins 2) ‘bolts) * (setf (aref part-bins 3) ‘bike) * (aref part-bins 2) * (setf (aref part-bins 4) ‘car) a) Nails b) Nuts c) 2 d) Error

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 Explain what is prolog programming language? What is it based on?

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Name the sector where prolog programming language is used?

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 Explain why PROLOG language is stated as a procedural language?

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Explain what is List structures in Prolog?

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 Why in prolog it is said that Program and Data are the same thing?

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 Mention who is referred as a Member in Prolog?

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 Mention what is the difference between = and = = in Prolog?

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 Explain why matching variable is important in Prolog? What is the method to match variables?

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 Explain what is recursion in Prolog?

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 Explain what is SWI-Prolog?

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Explain what is backtracking in Prolog?

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Mention what is the difference between Prolog and normal programming language?

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Mention what is Cut (!) in Prolog and what is the advantage of ‘Cut’ and ‘Negation’?

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Mention why you have to use “is” instead of “=” in Prolog when it comes to applying calculation logic?

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What are the different nlp tasks deep learning can be applied?


Explain List of programming languages for artificial intelligence?


What is the output of the given statement? * (defclass article() ((title :accessor article-title :initarg :title) (author :accessor article-author :initarg :author))) * (defclass computer-article (article) ()) * (defclass business-article (article) ()) * (defclass political-article (article) ()) * (setf articles (list (make-instance ‘business-article :title “Memory Prices down”))) a) Business article b) Political article c) Business article


Explain List of artificial intelligence projects?


What does the language of fopl consist of?