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C Sharp Interview Questions
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what is unit testing

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class Employee { stat9c Method1() static Method2(ref a) stat9c Method3(out x) } class Employee { stat9c Method1() static Method2(ref a) stat9c Method3(out x) } what will happen & why?

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Method1() { int a=0, b=0, c=0; Monitor.Enter(this) c = 12; b = 3; a = c/b Moniter.Exit(this) } Method1() { int a=0, b=0, c=0; c = 12; b = 3; lock(this){ a = c/b } } Choose correct answer. a. Upon completion, Method1 and Method2 release the lock b. Upon Comletion, Method1 release the lcok and Method2 not. c. Upon Completion, Method2 release the lock and Method1 not. d. Upon Completion, neither Method1 or Method to release the lock.

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interface a { Method1() Method2() } class b: a { override Method1() override Method2() } what will happen & why?

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what is namespace?

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What are the different generaions of Garbage Collection and how do they work

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what is diffrence between protected ,internal and protected internal?? whether protected field available in derived class which is outside the assembly. if not ..this is possible by which access modifiers??

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what is CSharp

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Can we have private constructor in our class file. When we are trying to create instance for the class will it create or throw error regarding that?

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I have to create a windows application using C# .net to Modifiy the XML file. The application have to show the node and node value. plz help me.

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How can i load the text box and label at the runtime based on the existing text box and tabel

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i am using windows authentication for remoting with iis.I uncheck the anonymous access option in directory security.when my client requests the server it returns 401:unauthorized error.How can I resolve the exception ? Please send me the reply as early as possible.

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what is the main differnce between const,readonly and static

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what is the difference between arraylist and hash table using a simple program?

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What is the difference between TypeOf, GetType and what are the uses of TypeOf, GetType.

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