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General Aptitude Interview Questions
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Pl send me the model question paper for KVB clerk exam to

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I have applied for RRB examination for the post of "Stenographer" regarding this i need solved question papers for the previous years and interview QP also.


pls send me kvb previous aptitude ques paper for three yrs


please send me model questions for clerk exam of bank


hi...kindly help me i have an interview with hsbc. kindly how many rounds we have if u have any answers pls give me my id is



What do you think is the most critical problem facing India today?

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A circular road runs round a circular ground. If the difference between the circumference of the outer circle and inner circle is 44 meters, find the width of the road?

Tech Mahindra,

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Dear all plz send me last five years written question for rrb asst.locopilot. thanks my mail id is-



A farmer needs to divide 8 gallons into two equal parts. He has 2 other containers. A 5 gallon and a 3 gallon. All our irregularly shaped.

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what is the magic word in english


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Dear Sir, Can u send the andhra bank model question with answers to my Email ID

Andhra Bank,


pls send bank of india clerical exam papers


what we do exactly before drinking water?

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ram sita hai ,to sita kaun hai?

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what do you mean by super stockist and carrying and forward agent?what are the advantages the fmcg companies get by having these super stockist and C/F agent?

Hindustan Unilever Limited, HLL,

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Un-Answered Questions { General Aptitude }

in space ship 5men are,drug asdditive 2.lady lawer has done crime 3.teacher emotinally imbalanced 4. 18 year old aeruonautical engineer 5. noble lauraut .suddenly some thing happend and oxygen is available to only three people to use which of three you choose


gavaskar average in first 50 innings was 50 . after the 51st innings his average was 51 how many runs he made in the 51st innings


In a two-dimensional array, X (9, 7), with each element occupying 4 bytes of memory, with the address of the first element X (1, 1) is 3000, find the address of X (8, 5).


A building with hight D ft shadow upto G A neighbour building with what height shadow C ft is?


In a club there are certain no. of males and females. If 15 females are absent then no. of males will be twice that of females. If 45 males are absent then female strength will be 5 times that of males. Find no. of males actually present.


In a family Reshma is elder sister of Ragini . Soni is Reshma's daughter and Saloni is Soni's cousin. Rgini's mother is Rajani. Ramani is the sister-inlaw of Reshma. Who is Soni's grandmother?


There are two balls touching each other circumferencically. The radius of the big ball is 4 times the diameter of the small ball.The outer small ball rotates in anticlockwise direction circumferencically over the bigger one at the rate of 16 rev/sec. The bigger wheel also rotates anticlockwise at Nrev/sec. what is 'N' for the horizontal line from the centre of small wheel always is horizontal.


An array was given and we were required to write a function : int CalculateThirdHighest(int a[ ]) : which calculates the third highest number in the array. While coding in C remember to calculate the length of array using formulae length of array=sizeof(a)/sizeof(int). Because the number of elements of array were not passed as argument. i want a solution in C/C++ language


13_46_8_180_210_75 = 64 . Use + and – in the empty places to make the equation holds good. Take m = number of + and n = number of – . Find m – n?


one grandfather has three grandchildren, two of their age difference is 3, eldest child age is 3 times youngest child’s age and eldest child’s age is two times of sum of other two children. What is the age of eldest child?


A ridge formed over Pacific Ocean was because of the intersection of two volcanoes. But in history it was written that it was not due to those volcanoes. It proves a contradictory to form the view that history will be proved wrong in the future.Inference?


in a railway station, there are tow trains going. One in the harbour line and one in the main line, each having a frequency of 10 minutes. the main line service starts at 5 o'clock. the harbour line starts at 5.02a.m. a man goes to the station every day to catch the first train. what is the probability of man catching the first train


five cities. city1 is west to city3. city4 is east to city 5.__ etc.which is farthest on west side.


f(X)= 2X-1 + f(X-1) if X is not equal to zeroandiff(X=0)=0, If f(X)-f(X-1)=f(X-8) for X>5 then X= ?


A gardener plants 100 meters towards east, next 100 meters towards north,next 100 meters towards west. 98 meters towards east, 96 meters towards north and 96 meters towards west, 94 meters towards south. and 94 meters towards east and so on. If a person walks between the trees what is the total distance travelled by him before he reaches the center.