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General Aptitude Interview Questions
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If today is Saturday, what day will be 500 days from today?


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What is the value of 12x-3x-7 when x =-5?


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If a:b=5:6 and b:c=5:6, a:c=?

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Last year Jose sold a painting for $2000. If he made a 25% profit on the sale, how much had he paid for the painting?

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What is Derivative and different types of Derivatives? Difference between Call and Put Option?

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Differnce between RAM and ROM

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Shortcut keys in excel : Ctrl + k Ctrl + d Ctrl + y


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interview question : what is equity ? or what is Capital Market? What is Derivatives? Excel question : Shortcut keys, pivot tables, vlookup and hlookup, autofilter, sorting etc


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types of shares


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Difference between equity and preference shares


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What is Derivative and different types of Derivatives? Difference between Call and Put Option?


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What is bull and bear market


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What is Mutual fund and its types ?


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What do you know about Eclerx?


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If you go to Eclerx interview, be sure that u wanna be waiting for several hrs, just for filling the application form it will take 15-20 min followed by hr and aptitude test. if u clear hr then aptitude then u will told to go to ghatkopar or tata bye bye ( will receive a call from hr person ) till now not receive any call


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Un-Answered Questions { General Aptitude }

A cubical rectangular bar has the dimensions with the ratio 5 : 4 : 3. Its volume is 7500. What is the surface area of the bar?


If a car starts from A towards B with some velocity due to some problem in the engine after travelling 30km.If the car goes with 4/5 th of its actuval velocity the car reaches B 45min later to the actual time. If the car engine fails ofter travelling 45km, the car reaches the destination B 36min late to the actual time , what is the initial velocity of car and what is the distance between A and B in km ans) 20 &


Respected Sir/Mem Plz send me all 5 years solved question papers of sbi clerk on my Gmail id and that is


a man purchased 6 stamps of rupees 1 and seven stamps of 50 paise.he paid Rs. 12. how much change he got back ?


720 buses operate from a depot, but 168 are being repaired. What percentage of the total that are in service?


A bus started from the bus stand at 8Am and after staying 30 minutes at a destination return back to the bus stand. The Destination is 27 miles from the bus stand . The Speed of the bus is !8mph . In the return journey the bus travels with 50% fast speed. At what time it is return to the bus stand


A fuel dealer mixes two brands of fuel which cost in the ratio 2:3 A solution of 30% Brand A with Brand B yields profit of 10% when sold at RS 297. What is cost of brand B?


Four persons can cross a bridge in 3, 7, 13, 17 minutes. Only two can cross at a time. Find the minimum time taken by the four to cross the bridge.


4 pipes inlet and 2 pipes outlets, find water inlet etc.


what is the exact qualifing marks for group 1 prelims


Dinesh is seated 7 from the left and satish is seated 12 from the right. when they interchange their positions, dinesh is seated 22nd from the left. How many people are there?


There are 9 balls of equal size and same weight (they look similar) except 1. How may weighs required to find the dissimilar ball using a weighing balance?


At six o'clock the wall clock struck 6 times . Checking with my watch , I noticed that the time between the first & last strokes was 30 seconds . How long will the clock take to stike 12 at mid night


a bus started from bus stand at 8.00am and after 30min staying at destination it returned back to the buss tand.the destination is 27 miles from the bustand the speed of the bus 50percent fast speed at what time it returns to the bustand.


f(X)= 2X-1 + f(X-1) if X is not equal to zeroandiff(X=0)=0, Value of f(5)