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Oracle Apps SCM Interview Questions
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When does Sales order header get closed?

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Have you handled SR and worked with Oracle for resolution of issues? If yes, how do you assign the priority while raising a SR?


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What are the different types of RG Registers?

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Once the SO was booked, the line status changed to ‘Closed. What could be the cause?

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What is the use of LC? How is it useful in export sales?


Do you have knowledge of Inter-Company Invoicing? If yes, explain the process.


If owner wants to self approve then what the set-ups required?

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What are the different types of excise exemptions?


How many KFF are there in Order management? What is the use of Sales Order Flex-Field?

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What are the three C’s in 11i? What are the changes in SOB’s in R12? What is the 4th C in R12?


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What is the use of INV-Receipts and PO-Reciepts,Just give me the Differences&When,At what Instances to use Them...?

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1.Is it mandetory to recieve an expenses item,if we do not recieve what would be the PO status.? 2.Can we Open a closed PO.?If yes,How...?

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How move Order Number is generated? I know it is Displayed Automatically,But i want to know How it is generated&any SETUP is required??? Regards, Santhosh

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How many item category flexifields you can have for an item and how will you assign an item category flexifields to an item?????

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difference between purchase price variance and invoice price variance???

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Un-Answered Questions { Oracle Apps SCM }

How do i generate Taxes when i'm doing Return To Vendor Transaction?


Is it possible to change the warehouse after booking the sales order, if yes how to de allocate the items booked in previous warehouse?


What are the FAQ's asked Functional consultants in SCM ? If any one knows please send.


Please let me know the important Interview concepts to be learnt for PO,OM and INV Modules


Tell me is there a way to update schedule ship date for all lines of so in one go?


In order management, how to reserve an item without booking?


Hi Guys, I am looking for Oracle Apps SCM/Finance Functional Training in Bangalore. Please suggest me or Guide me


Navigation to change the serial numbers from Shipping Transaction form.


Explain difference between discrete mfg and process manufacturing?


What is the use of ADD to RECEIPT FILED in receipt localized? Then how to performing in SOURCE TYPE INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL?


Is it possible to create 5 levels of approval for sales order?


May i know some of the real time issues we face in oracle purchasing, inventory and Order Management.


Where to find the ISO accounting entry details?


Do you have knowledge of Inter-Company Invoicing? If yes, explain the process.


Can you pls provide the interview questions on oracle apps SCM.including ASCP module.