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Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions
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what are the error tables in AP?

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Which modules of oracle apps have forms and reports? I am a beginner in oracle apps so kindly answer my query.

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If the flat file is having the duplicate records in the interface how can you restrict while transferring the flat file data in to interface tables?


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Can u define DFF with in the DFF,How?


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Can u attach Request set with in the Request set?


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While importing data into interface tables,if u got number of records are error(like more than 1000 records are error),how to imform user?

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Can u define operating units inplace of inventory?

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What are basic steps for AIM?

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How we will receive the work from the client? what type of documents we will develop in the entire implementation project? plz tell me the total scinario?

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tell my any difficult situtation you solved in your experience in your company?



How to print invoice from APPS(front end).if we have invoice number in hand with us???

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In Per_all_people_f table what is the significance of '_f ' ?


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Can We Create a Synonym On Trigger?

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Is there any limitations on responsibility assigned to a apps user?


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Which one Module is Biggest Module in oracle apps?


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What is the concept of soa governance?


A program must be written which accepts date parameter. The date parameter will accept data in the format DD/MM/YYYY. This data has to be validated and post validation, the following details have to be displayed for this date parameter 1. Input date must be defaulted to sysdate, It can be overridden by any other date. 2. Financial year should be displayed for this date parameter. Eg: If the input date is 30/11/2010, the financial year must be displayed as 1. From Date : 01-Aprr-2010 To Date: 31-Mar-2011 3. Calendar year and Calendar month must also be displayed. 4. The next payment cycle (say for EB), must be displayed based on this date parameter. 5. The previous payment must also be displayed based on this date.


What does appl_top directory contain?


Tell me where we find the status of order information?


tell me the scenarios of the independent in reports


In which tables receopt application form Appliy to field Value will come. I know one table i.e, ra_customer_trx.trx_number. Could U please any one tell me other than this except(ra_customer_trx and ar_payment_schedules_all tables). plz mentioned tables_name.Column_name.


what is global tempory table?


In support project one ticket alloted which steps follows manualy tell me ?


how do you describe O2C along with tables


Suppose for report I have to parameters those are from_date and to_date, so to_date should be greater when compare to from_date, if we are giving to_date is lessthen it must shows some error how we will make?


What is sca and how is it useful?


In hierarchical structure of a database? we have write query from where we should start?


testing tools?


What do you understand by soa?


Hi any one plz help me .i need 2 or 3 customized and 2 or 3 development reports on PO module..if any body having plz send me with one by one step ,i mean where u do the customization and wht are the steps u follwed when u do the customization,wht are fields u added or deleted ,How u added or these fields as per clinet requirement and wht are errors u faced .plz send it to my mail id