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Cell Biology Interview Questions
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What does plating efficiency mean?

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How do I grow hybridoma cell lines as ascites, especially rat-mouse hybridomas?

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What are the recommended carbon dioxide (CO2) levels needed to grow a cell culture?

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What is the difference between the passage number of a cell line and its population doubling level?

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Why do some cell lines require sodium pyruvate?

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Can mechanical freezers be used for cryogenic storage of cultured cells?

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Why is supplemental insulin required for ATCC CRL-1794 (13C4)?

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How do we determine if a hybridoma is producing antibody?

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What are some factors that I must consider when depositing my cell line at ATCC?

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What is an EST?

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Does the ATCC do MAP (mouse antibody production) testing?


cells in the process of dividing are subjected to colchicine, a drug that interferes with the functioning of the spindle apparatus, at which stage will mitosis be arrested?

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Give an account on Mammalian HP1 mutant cell line ?


What do you know about transfection of Hek 293A cells ?


What do you know about the Transfection of CHO-K1 cells?


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Un-Answered Questions { Cell Biology }

how to culture monocytes from macrophages in blood?


Why can mitochondria be considered the power plants of the aerobic cells?


Will Macrophage Survive without changing media ?


What is the control center of the cell?


Describe about 3T3 and serum ?


Can two normal individuals of the same species with sexual reproduction have identical genomes and identical karyotypes? How the human karyotype is usually represented?


what is kill curve ?


How to Extract emmission spectra from flow cytrometry data ?


what do you know about Retroviral transduction of mouse t lymphocytes ?


How to stop proliferation?


How to properly prepare glycyrrhizic acid solution ?


Give the cell cycle analysis of transiently transfected cells ?


From where does the cell get oxaloacetic acid for krebs citric acid cycle?


How to monitor gene expression over time in culture - GFP method ?


How to get rid of contamination in stable transfected cells?