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Siebel Interview Questions
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Define nameserver and the uses of it?

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can join field be edited. If yes, describe how it can edited


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What is the use of catch in escript?

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What is constrainted picklist? Where you will drop the constraints?


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How will you edit the joined fields values in join?

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How will you improve your performance in views?

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What is Virtual BC?what is the use of vbc?

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How is Siebel 7.x architecture different from Siebel 6.x?

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How is load balancing maintained in Siebel?

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Is it required to install gateway server before installing a Siebel server?

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What does install.ksh and imprep.ksh files do?

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What is s_party table?

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What is seed data in Siebel?

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How do you create intersection table?

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How is Siebel 7.x data model is different from Siebel 6.0 data model?

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Explain why is it not recommended to modify existing base tables?


Explain what is eapps.cfg file?


What will happen after the content groups gets created?


What is the process to create the dynamic drilldown?


Where will you see the Customer/Order details in Siebel?


Tell me what does install.ksh and imprep.ksh files do?


What is difference between join specification and join definition?


What is the difference between mvg applet and a pick applet?


Explain how to run genbscript.exe?


How is siebel 7.x architecture different from siebel 6.x? How is siebel 7.x architecture different from siebel 6.x?


Explain what is the difference between eim and eai?


What is the significance of eapps.cfg file?


Explain about the eim tables and base tables are required to your entities?


Explain if gateway server is not present can we do load balancing?


what are the steps to implement outbound email in siebel?