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SAP Netweaver Interview Questions
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Consider that, I have IDoc to file Scenaio is there. In that why don't you create sender agreement for this scenario. Please let me know proper reason.


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what is SAP CR content

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what is difference between workbench,custmization,relocation,& transport of copies.

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1. psa is supports error handling concept and also in bi 7.0 i think it is supports error handling concept what is difference ? 2. how to delete record wise in psa? 3. dtp disadvantages? 4. info source is mandatory in bi7.0 . 5. if we will get any error in bw 3.5 what will we do ? check psa and manually rectify error and load it again? in bi 7.0 what will we do if any error we got? delta disadvantages? 7. how to explain sales flow simply say frnds? of the interviewer asked me what is Ur business flow how can i say that ?

2260 to connect source system to bw ? in real time 2. give me simple tickets?

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could any body let me know the process of transportation from dev to quality and quality to prd,and dev to production,with step by step.please let me know.


i need interview questions on reporting variables and process chain interview questions,errors,and some of the performance issues and how to handle those issues.


what is garbage collector....... and its function?


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we use ovs to provide search help values..but why we use freely programming for search what situation we have to use freely programming and ovs?



Can someone please post/let me know the latest SAP PI7.4/PO7.37.31 interview question?!! Thanks in Advance, Neha Shri


What is application server gateway,application server service (gate way)?where we find it?

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What is standard receiver determination,enhanced receiver determination?

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What is principal propagation?

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Difference between SMTP & FTP ???


What is POP3 & IMAP4?difference between them?

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1.How you send the data to Target Systems from SAP MDM? 2. Where do you fill the data in SAP MDM? 3. What are qualified Tables in SAP MDM? 4.What are limitations and benefits of WorkFlow in SAP MDM?


What is the use of update query in jdbc adapter?


What is SAP NetWeaver?


What do you understand by the terms client and server?


What is partner profile?tell me the parameter of partner profile?Tcode for creating a partner profile?


How will you trigger the idoc?


What is EDI?difference between EDI & ALE IDOC?


one message is sent to target but it si not reached,2nd messgae is reached, while idoc adapter using ?how to slove it?


How many processes exist in java application server?


we are using idoc adapter, we are sending 1st msg to system A to System B. but it is not reached 2nd message is reached, 3rd message is not reached , 4th message is reached , how to reslove it?


How do you decide use of NWBC and SAP GUI logon?


How do you resend the messages?


Wt is the diff between fix value and value mapping?


How will you connect the multiple business services?


What personalization functions does sap enterprise portal provide?