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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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typical loop drawing of a simple feedback control comprising of one transmitter and one control


Reasons for using seal pots:

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Definition of reverse and acting controllers:



Thermocouples work as follow:

Dashen Brewery, Tata Power,

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An RTD is works as follows

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Type of level transmitter commnly used in Procees area are the following. a.________________This type of level transmitter works as follows


two common seiling liquid used in seal pots are:


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The DCS stand for________________________. it is composed of the following major components: a:______________ b:______________ c:______________ d:______________

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The DCS has the following signal type:

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Reasons for using current as signal

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Functions of electropneumatic valve positioner:

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we re giviang 24v supply to transmitter and we getting output from tx?now my question is wht we call this complete proces?

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in i/o panel for digital ouput(do) how much power(in volts) we must give?

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what is working principle of presure and temperature guage?

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What is Fieldbus?


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How to check vortex flow meter is in good condition while we do not having calibration setup?


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What is the use of gauge?


What are the key features of a Distributed Control System? describing the various layers (sensor through to business system interfaces) as well as the hardware, software and security aspects of the DCS.


I wnat to practice more online type questions .so will you show them me to take a practice test?


1- Explain about HPM 2- What is the FSC and explain the configuration of FSC 3- explain the complete loop of vibration, how it works (field to control room) 4- What is the use of proxymitter? 5- During job your partner effected with H2S then what you have to do. 6- what type of gland packing uses when valve glind is leaking.


Gas equation


Hook up resistance decade box to temp.transmitter.


What materials are used in thermo wells?


why we are using digital signals for I/O & how to measure this signals is getting or not ?


What is the difference between uv and ir scanners? and what is the workig principle of both


How u will setup SPI(2007) on Citrix Server (Thin Client Mode)? Plz Justify?


What is furnace draft control?


Where is wet leg is used?


List three types Level Gauges with their working principles