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Group II History Interview Questions
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In which year did Sultan Mahmum Gazhani?s last expedition against India

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What is the main objective of Mohamad Gazhani?s invasion in India

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In which battle did Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Muhammad Ghori

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Why the Rajputs were repeatedly defeated by the turks

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With which king did the famous image of Vagdevi, the insignia of Jnanpith Award was associated

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Who was the ruler of Assam well known as Light of the East

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On which ruins did Chola empire was established

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What is the greatest historical contribution of king Rajaraja Chola

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Describe the status of Raja-guru in Chola system

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What was the administrative innovation introduced by Rajaraja Chola

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Why Bay of Bengal has been described as a Chola Lake

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What is best example of architecture glory of Rashtrakutas

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What are the significances of Chola?s temples, besides artistic merit

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Which temple is regarded as finest and most elaborate example of Chola Architecture

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Who is the first sovereign ruler of Sultanate of Delhi


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Un-Answered Questions { Group II History }

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Who is the Founder of 'The Asiatic Society of Bengal'


hai sir am preparing for group 2 exam can u plz inform wat material should i follow and any free websites are available for lerning group2 exam (related 2 indian history)


the famous book 'Annals of Rajasthan' is authored by


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please send me group 2 syllabus & materials .....(malE: and also preparation pattern for this exam


I want to prepare for groups but am in USA where can i get material for preparing groups and what is the syllabus? I dont have any idea about groups.Can you suggest me any one.If anyone have soft material please send to me my mail id is


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the famous 'Pearl Mosque' was built by


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the council of the nine gems isasociated with


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