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APPSC AllOther Interview Questions
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. Who built the temple of Thousand Pillars of Hanuma Konda? (1) Rudrama Devi (2) Gonapathideva (3) Pratapa Rudra Deva-I (4) Pola Raja –II

1 2192

. Marcopolo visited Orugallu during the regime of (1) Rudrama Devi (2) Pola Raja-II (3) Pratapa Rudra (4) Ganapathideva

1 3227

. Who among the Kakatiya kings was defeated and was taken as a Prisoner to Delhi by Md. Bin Tughlaq? (1) Rudrama Devi (2) Pola Raja-II (3) Pratapa Rudra (4) Rudradeva

1 2042

. Who were the famous poets during Kakatiyas period (1) Tikkana (2) Palkurki Somanatha (3) Vidhyanatha (4) All the three

1 2432

. Who was the greatest ruler of Kakatiyas ? (1) Gnapatideva (2) Prataparudra (3) Rudramadevi (4) Rudradeva

1 1780

. The book ‘Nitisara’ was written by (1) Prola-II (2) Rudradeva (3) Ganapathideva (4) Rudramba

1 4412

. Rudramba was a daughter of (1) Mahadeva (2) Ganapathideva (3) Pratarudra (4) Rudradeva

1 1804

. The first woman ruler of Kakatiya dynasty (1) Rudramba (2) Lilavathi (3) Ganapamba (4) None

1 3436

. Who was first Delhi Sultan, who attacked Warangal? (1) Mohammed Bin Tuglaq (2) Malik Kafur (3) Ala-ud-din Khilji (4) None

1 3131

. Nannaya was the court poet of (1) Raja Raja Narendra (2) Manumasiddi Bhupala (3) Palkurki Somanatha (4) Prataparudra

1 2113

. Sumati Satakamu was written by (1) Vidyanatha (2) Palkurki Somanatha (3) Baddenna (4) None

1 2088

. Founder of the Reddy Kingdom in 1325 was (1) Pratapa Reddy (2) Prolaya Vema Reddy (3) Anavema Reddy (4) Anapota Reddy

1 2176

. The patron of the celebrated Telugu poet Srinadha (1) Prolaya Vema Reddy (2) Peda Komati Vema Reddy (3) Rachavema Reddy (4) Sri Krishnadeva Raya

2 3354

. First Capital of Reddy Kingdom was (1) Kondaveedu (2) Addanki (3) Rajamandry (4) Vijayanagaram

1 2340

. Palanati battle was fought between (1) Nalagama and Nagamma (2) Nalagama and Brahmanaidu (3) Nalagama and Malideva (4) Malideva and Nagamma

1 2223

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how to prepare to dao exams


I have cleared written test Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector my interview is on 23march 2010.whether Interview will be Technical or personal,what are probable questions,please help me soon.Ph9848057340,giv ur no. I will call u..Thanks...


What is the cut off marks for GROUP VI which is held on 3rd october. Iam expecting 211 ( as perthe key released by Sakshi newspaper) Can i expect interview call.


Hi....... Iam kiranmai . i completed graduation . iam preparing for junior assistants in intermediate board. If any one know about the exam and syllabus. Please mail me. If any one have previous model papers plz send me. My


which book i am reffer the sub inspetor of police examination sir pls tell


sir i am writing assistant statistical officer exam please send syllabus


Do MCA is eligible to APPSC Polytechnic Lecturers


I heared group2 exam will be postponed from 15 and 16th of Oct. Could any one tell me the exam date exactly. Please help me.


Hai I am Ravi kishore i dad completed Diplamo in automobile engineering (DAE) i want to prepare for AMVI job can u please guide me with previous question papers and other materials thanks i advance


i am first time writting ASo exam could you send the model paper


Sir, I am writting Assistant statistical officer exam and i need eligibilty criteria.Actually i have done my graduation in,i want needful information.


i got 290 marks in polytechnic lecturers written test ,i belongs BC-A category in zone IV.shall i expect any others BC-A candidates marks


i had applied for APPSC drug inspector post in 2008 notification. but till now ididn't get any reply. could you tell me about that entrance exam when will it conduct or it was it finish. and also could you tell me about next otification date and model papers send to my mail(


could you pls send me the previous question papers of jr. lecturer physics papers ?


Hello Every one, I have started to prepare for group1 exam, but I just needed a clarification; Can i clear group 2 with the help of group1's preparation? Please help.