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. Nannaya was the court poet of

(1) Raja Raja Narendra

(2) Manumasiddi Bhupala

(3) Palkurki Somanatha

(4) Prataparudra

. Nannaya was the court poet of (1) Raja Raja Narendra (2) Manumasiddi Bhupala (3) Palkurki..

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( 1 ) Raja Raja Narendra

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0 Answers   CTS,

The Gupta emperor who undertook Southern Campgian was : (a) Chandra Gupta (b) Skanda Gupta (c) Vishnu Gupta (d) Samudra Gupta

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sir i want to write group 1 examination plz tell me the when will the group 1 prelims conduct

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The first French settlement in Andhras was? (a) Yanam (b) Pulicat (c) Narasapur (d) Masula

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. The Muslim ruler who transferred his capital from Delhi to south was (1) Ala-ud-din Khilji (2) Giasuddin Tuglaq (3) Mohammed Tuglaq (4) Feroze Tuglaq

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. Name the two most important constituents of the ecological systems? (1) Lithosphere and atmosphere (2) Plants and animals (3) Physical environment and various organisms living in it (4) None of these

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. A degree of longitude has about the same length as a degree of latitude at (1) Equator (2) North pole (3) Tropic of cancer (4) Antarctic cycle

2 Answers   PSCI,

Who of the following was known as Vishwadata? (a) T. Prakasham (b) Gopala Krishnayya (c) Kasinadhuni Nageshwara Rao (d) Krishna Rao

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Who was the foreign traveler that visited the South India? (a) Fahiyan (b) Yuan-Tsang (c) None

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. Name the state which have common border with Union Territory of Goa (1) Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Maharashtra (2) A.P., Karnataka & Kerala (3) Karnataka, Maharashtra & Union Territory of Dadra Nagar Haveli (4) Karnataka and Maharashtra

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Capital of the kingdom was: (a) Pedda Vengi (Near Eluru) (b) Kanchi (c) Amaravathi (d) None

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The professional dancer who dedicated her life for the cause of freedom struggle came under the influence of Gandhiji Non-Cooperation Movement? (a) Yamini Seethamma (b) Yamini Purna Tilakam (c) Yamini Krishnamurthy (d) Maganti Seethadevi

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