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. The first woman ruler of Kakatiya dynasty

(1) Rudramba

(2) Lilavathi

(3) Ganapamba

(4) None

. The first woman ruler of Kakatiya dynasty (1) Rudramba (2) Lilavathi (3) Ganapamba (4)..

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( 1 ) Rudramba

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Nagarjuna konda flourished as Buddhist center during the regime of : (a) Veerapurusha data (b) Ehuzula (c) Devavarma (d) None

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Draksharamam temple is located in: (a) West Godavari (b) East Godavari (c) Krishna (d) Vijayawada

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The first capital of the Satavahanas was (a) Purushapura (b) Pratistanapura (c) Peshavar (d) Dhanyakataka

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can any one send previous question papers for DAO exam, and can any one plz suggest me the book which is suitable for preparing for DAO exam

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. One of the important methods adopted by Lord Wellesley to end French influence was (1) That he brided Indian princes (2) That he followed a policy of non-interference in the affairs of Indian states (3) That he further developed subsidiary system (4) That he sent armies of the company to the Indian states at his own will

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. The deepest mine in the world (about 4 km deep) is in the Continent of (1) Africa (2) Asia (3) North America (4) South America

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. Black soil is most suitable for the cultivation of (1) Paddy (2) Maize (3) Cotton (4) None

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i am swathi i have cleared the amvi written exam and i have recently got the LMV licence and i dont have experience IN LMV but i have 3 yrs experience in two i eligible for this post.can anybody plz inform me as early as possible bcoz i have certificates verification on 27 of dis month

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. Who wrote Panchatantra? (1) Kalidas (2) Bhavabhuti (3) Vishnu Sharma (4) Harisen

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In India’s planning, Jawaharlal Nehru used to emphasise the development of (1) Employment generation (2) Trade and commerce (3) Small-scale industries (4) Basic and heavy industries

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. Bhills are the natives of (1) Alama desert (2) Thar desert (3) Sahara desert (4) Polar region

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The dominating feature in the Polity of the Reddis (a) Federal organization (b) Centralization (c) Decentralization of higher posts (d) none of the above

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