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. First Capital of Reddy Kingdom was

(1) Kondaveedu

(2) Addanki

(3) Rajamandry

(4) Vijayanagaram

. First Capital of Reddy Kingdom was (1) Kondaveedu (2) Addanki (3) Rajamandry (4) Vijay..

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( 2 ) Addanki

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The greatest Political Blunder that was committed by Kumaragiri Reddi was (a) His involvment in wars (b) Followed decentralization (c) Division of the kingdom into two halfs (d) Creation of Rajahmandry Rajya

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Who was the first freedom fighter of Andhra Pradesh: (a) Harisarvothama Rao (b) Veerasalingam (c) Narayana (d) Venkatappaiah

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. The Governor is appointed by (1) The Prime Minister (2) The President (3) Law Minister (4) Chief Minister

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In the first battle of Allauddin Khilji was defeated by: (a) Prataparudra (b) Rudramba (c) Ganapathideva (d) Rudradeva

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One finds it more difficult to walk on ice than on a concrete road because (1) Ice is soft and spongy whereas concrete is hard (2) The friction between the ice and the feet is less than that between concrete and the feet (3) There is more friction on ice than on concrete (4) None of these

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. The sultan of Delhi who married a Hindu lady was (1) Alla-ud-din Khilji (2) Jalal-ud-din Khilji (3) Malik Kafur (4) None

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. Who ordered firing on the public meeting in Jalianwala Bagh? (1) General Dyer (2) Mr. Justice Rowlatt (3) Lord Chelmsford (4) NMr. Montague

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. One of the problems in finding out correctly the National Income in India is: (1) Low savings (2) Inflation (3) Under-employment (4) Non-monetized consumption

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. Dandakaranya is located in (1) Southern India (2) Central India (3) Northern India (4) North western India

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Bairam Khan was Akbar’s General who defeated Hemu. In which of the following wars was Hemu defeated at the hands of Bairam Khan? (1) First Panipat War (2) Second Panipat War (3) The war of Buxar (4) The war of Chittorgarh

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