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Group I Interview Questions
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Sir/Madom which one has more oppertunities in jobs either Group1 r Group2 & I want to know the job catagories in group1 & group2 & please send me the syllabus & previous Question papers of Group1 & Group2 exams


i want appsc group i question papers.please any one tell me

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Can some one provide the details and Syllabus of the GROUP 1 -Preliminary examinations to be held in 2009.


for GROUP service exams what re the age limits

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how to prepare group exams



i wanna know abt the exam pettern abt group 1 ,syllabus,material availability and how to prepare to get it in 1st attempt.In wat ascepts we should be strong to get through it


give details how to apply exam fee and everything to achieve it


can anyone tell me which is the best institute for IAS crash course

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what are the jobs in group-1,2,3,4 and where do we get coaching centre for it in hyderabad


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pls specify the fully details of group-i



when does the new bathches for GroupI start @ RC Reddy Institute? and i want to know when will be the prilims?

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Can you what all posts come under group 1.I will be very happy you can tell me about group 2 and group 3 also.


i need group 1 exam schedule

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Hi there... 1. What will be the duration of Group1 main exam? [Is it 3 hours for all the papers or 3 hours per each paper] 2. Will there be a center in Tirupathi/Chittor? Please lemme know.

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Hi this is Amrutha..i pursued my (cse) in 2007...i don't have any idea of groups... but iam very much desired to get it ...plz help me for that..plz give me the details about groups...where group I,group II differs...regularily whenthe test wil be ...thanking you ....

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Post New Group I Questions

Un-Answered Questions { Group I }

hi i wrote a csse-1 exam on march .i want to know the results. how and when i get result. plz answer my iq.


Hi friends,this is manju. I want to write group 1 exam..can anyone please suggest me coaching centre in hyderabad? thanks in advance


please suggest me the best book for indian economy in english for group I services?


i am Rajasekhar my question is how can i prepare for group1 iam with 59% suggest me right guidance or other choice.


now i am doing my BE final year.i want to become an brake inspector,i didn't know about in which category it is under coming either group1 or group2?


how to prepare group1 exams?what is the syllabus for it.


Hello ..iam a proffesor in an enginnering college ..could i know if there are any evening batches for group-1 coaching..


can any one please send me the previous papers of group-I? if u want to answer me please mail me to


can i get d full details about group-1 iam gng 2 prepare for the post of dsp


are mbbs students eligible for group 1exam during their internship after completing final year


what are the jobs that are provided if we prepare for groups


please tell me,is there any negative marking in group 1 preliminary exams?


when can we expect group 1 mains results which were held in sep 2012?


hello frnz i just completed my B.E and joined in an software company. i am interested in writing group-1 exam and i have basic information like what is the syllabus and pattern of the paper but i dont know how to prepare and what material i should study for clearing the prelims. hope you understood my situation. plz help me in this aspect. thanks & regards sahaja


I belong to SC category and i secured 68 marks in APPSC group 1.I'm I eligible give my mains exam. Thanks in advance.