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Group I Interview Questions
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hi, is there any coaching center for group1 in khammam

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Hello everyone, My name is priyanka.Iam preparing for group1 for the first time. Please help me. I wanted to know what are the topics that i have to give much importance in prelim preparation.I also wanted to know how the paper will be and what's the time limit.Here is my ID .You guys can mail me also.

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Hi All.This is pratap naik.i am working as Software engg from One year.Now lay off going on our company.In next one month i am job less,so i am planning to write Group1 & Group2 Exams.Shall i take group's coching or else stay back to software side? pls help me out of this confusion

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i want gr-I servises previous paper


For GROUP-IV preparation which books I should follow?



What are the Group-1 scehdules? Since this is first time for us to apply, how the paper mdoel?

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hai this is gopi,i have written group-1 main's in aug-2008.can any body know when will the results of main's will be announced.Atlease when will be the reserved judgment of supreme count will dispose.plz help me.

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is group 1 paper is easy or little bit tough


hello friends, this is karthik.can any one plz tell me where i can get material for group1 mains, for all the 5 papers

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hi i completed medicine in 2007, i want to write group-I exam, but i dont know how to approach, and give me the information about exam date and where will i get the study material.

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IS GROUP I and GROUP II application slated to start from 24 th and 25th march is deferred. If any one has information please help.

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hi this is krishnam Raju i am studying btech 3rd year i wanted to become dsp(deputy superdent of police)by writing group-1.i want info about group-1. in which language we can write group-1?how much time we must spend for a day to get that job in first attempt,what are the basics we must have? and newly chnged exam pattern(what are advantages and disadvantages for new pattern)?.what are the best institutions we have for coaching?.how much money it takes for coaching?.way of correction(paper evaluation)?.is ther reservation in mains? how much it is.books?etc what you know.plese help me.

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i just want to know the age limit for Groups exams for General Category in APPSC

ABC, Wipro,

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hii all...can u please tell me when is the prelims or entrance exam for group 1..i heard its conducted oce in it true..plss let me know...thankyou


hii. i want 2 attend the group 1 . where can i get the application form and when .....pls give me full details . actually i am not in AP .Thats y i dnt knw updates.


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hi i wrote a csse-1 exam on march .i want to know the results. how and when i get result. plz answer my iq.


Is reservation considered in group-1 priliminary exams for visually handicapped. If yes, what is cutof mark


Hi!! Am dng my btech.,3rd yr, n my stream is ECE. Aftr btech I wish to appear fr Group-1. I'l b very thankful if u provide d necessary info regardng hw to proceed vt d preparatn and othr details requird...I'l b thnkfl fr d guidance..


Hiiiiiii This is Madhu just completed B.Tech with 84%. Now I want to prepare for Group 1. Can any one guide me in that way. I want the previous papers, revised syllabus and interview questions. If any one had those I kindly request u to send through I hope I will get the details soon......... Thank U guys....


sir,i'm suresh i'm purchasing final year in vbit in can i go coaching for civils....and it will take how much time in a day small request is it correct way to coaching now......but it's my life goal..........


What is the probable cut off for group1 mains 2017 conducted by APPSC


Which book is very useful for group1 exam


what is de percentage required to qualify in group 1 prelims and mains?


i want to write group exams please say me address of coaching centres.


what is the full name of adis.


when can we expect group 1 mains results which were held in sep 2012?


sir,iam suresh,i'm purchasing final year in vbit...... can i eligible for group1 exam and civils


I am completed my graduation (Bachelor of commerce)in 2005 and my age now 27 going of biry 05-07-1984 is am qualified for attempt group1? moreove am OC (reddy) please let me...


which is the best coaching centre for appsc group 1 prelims


What are the chances of a person other than ap being selected in group 1?eg a person from karnataka.