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SAP AllOther Interview Questions
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In ver 3.0 b how is the print program to layout set?

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Tell me the middleware information?



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what are the legal documents(government rules) maintained in the sub contracting process

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what is the difference between trans code mk01 & mm01 ?

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check input header/detail and reverse/copy in pra module is a online and batch program. i want the complete coding or clear details of it. its urgent.


Is it possible to have either Sold-to-party or ship-to- party as release partners in a value contract?


by sorting parameters in selection screen, whichj is triggers first, char,or packed decimal or numaric or hexa decimal


At my client place we need TDS (Table) we want to issue TDS Certificate


Hi Am aware that every field can have only one active status ( out of the four Suppress / Display / Required / Optional and in that order). Am also aware that you set field status while defining account group (IMG) in the G/L Master. This would affect your field settings during GL Master creation. I am also aware that field status for transactional activities ( i.e. document related activities) can be activated ( as Suppress / Required / Optional only ..... What about display ????? this choice does not seem to exist !) a) while defining Posting keys as well as b) while defining fields status in IMG. My doubts : 1. Why do we have to initiate the settings for transactional activities in two places ( namely a and b defined above )? 2. Why is Display choice is not available in the transaction level? 3. Why do we have FSG and what is its role as compared to FSV ? Please clarify Thanks in advance.. Vidhya


I am B.Tech(CSE) & working in textile mill in IT dept. where implement SAP ag6.0 at Branch side all module like (SD,FICO,MM) etc. And Database & application server at HEAD Ofice(diffrent site).what will be my future in this field (ABAP,BASIS ,Functionality)etc.

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What is BAPI ? & its used & functionality.

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1.How to post manually created Pr's and Po's 2. Define inforecord 3. how inforecord is maintatined in PR's and Po's 4. Is there any possiblity for an material that have both inforecord and release stratergy?


Hi I am currently workiong in the Insurance vertical as a S/W progammer.I would like to study SAP.Could anyone advise me which module would be advisable.Is there any module related to the insurance sector

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What things would be checked after upgrade SAP 4.7 to 6.0 to make sure that all transfered data are still complete ?

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what is roles and authorization??? During text determination procdure i dont want any one to change the text in transaction how to do it???


What should be the approach to writing a bdc program?


Give a short description on all sap module?


Tell us what is extractor?


Can I know about SAP for Insurance.


Explain about SAP IM module?


Explain about SAP FSCM module?


What is Matrix


State the ways of migration from sap to simple finance?


What is short cut join and why are you using in business objects?


what is the market of sap bo. Is there openings are there on sap bo at present. what is its future.


Explain about SAP ERP module?


Tell us what are the three stages of data-mining?


What is the protocol does sap gateway process use?


Internal table events.