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SAP Security Interview Questions
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your functional team has asked you to provide the seurity for a do you go about it?


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when performing client copies what steps you need to take from CUA point of view?



what is the advantage of cua from a layman/manager point of view?

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How to create secatt script in sap step by step

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I want to see list of roles assigned to 10 different do you do it?

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one tcode,say sa38, is assigned to 10 diffrent users through a same role.I want to restrict one of those 10 users to execute only a few reports in sa38 but not all reports.what are the possible ways of getting it done?

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In which way we can assiagn single role to many users(more than 5000 usres).

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How many maximum profiles we can assign to one user?


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Can we assign generated profiles to users directly?

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How can we update the unique E-mail IDs for 1000 users at a time?


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What do you mean by User Buffer? How it works with the user's Authorizations?


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What is the T.Code SQVI? What is the main usage of this SQVI?


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How can we maintain Organizational values? How can we create Organizational values? What is the purpose of these Org. values?


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What is the correct procedure for Mass Generation of Roles?


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Can anybody explain (short n simple) about SOX & SoDs with 3 examples for each functional module? n ur experience on SoDs.


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How to insert missing authorization?


Hi I' m Len  Am looking for sap grc training in bangalore . Let know any  institute or any who teach


how we Restrict the auth groups for table maintain, creating Auth group using SE54 to built new Auth groups to restrict tables via auth object S_TABU_DIS


What is the Functionality difference between ECC 5 and ECC6? i.e. new functionality in ECC6 which is not in ECC 5.


1) Explain different type of Users? Explain specifically Service User? 2) Difference between System and Communication User?Explain in Context of Profile Parameter? 3) There are 5 systems say BI, SOLMAN, CRM, PI, SRM etc etc. Which system will act as a satellite system in CUA and Why? HOw CUa system works? 4) State different types of Transactions & Tables in Strutural Authorization Profile in HR Security? 5) What is L0 , L1 , L2 , L3 , L4 code called in HR Security? 6) What fields are required to create Strutural Authorization Profile in HR Security? State significance of Evaluation Path? 7) What is Structural Authorization Profile in HR Security? When required Role has already been assigned to User then why Structural Authorization Profile is required by user? 8) How are structural Authorization Profile are created? 9) Important Authorization Object in HR Security? 10) Fields in P_ORGIN A.O? 11) Important infotypes and What is PA? 12) How access is provided for tables to user? Significance of Authorization Group in TDDAT table? 13) Difference between SU22 and SU24? 14) Explain Authorization Structure? 15) Which table stores the Authorization Object of a User? 16) What we do to keep Roles consistent in DEV QAS and PRD? 17) A User has create and display access? Will he have access to change as well? 18) How User can have access to view salary slip of other employees(HR Security)?Explain in detail. 19) In HR security does we add Employee ID anywhere in Roles? 20) Any issue you have faced while Transport? 21) Have you faced any issue in Upgrade? Expalain how to compare Roles from older version of SAP to new version of SAP? 22) Any typical issue you have resolved in HR Security?


Explain x-glueb and its use in sap security.


What profile versions?


what is your ticketing tool? can we give some details about how we are getting tickets


Any details about secatt apart from SAPSecurity




How can sap security be improved?


what reports or programs can be used to regenerate sap_all profile?


What is sso in sap security?


Authorization check on s_btch_job failed. What would happen now?


What is the difference between c (check) and u (unmaintained)?