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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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what data is required for automatic a/c determination for tax amounts?


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what are the most important control functions of posting keys?

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what is KT Session


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what is the business process,

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how dunning procedure will updated in Customer Master


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what u configure in accounts reeivable module


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what is the intigration b/n fi-pp


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what is the impartence of secondary cost element in controling, if it is needed give reasons


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intigration between fi-mm, fi-sd

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Say (e.g) in Salary G/L A/c instead of giving P&L they select Balances sheet & it is saved & in this they passed some entry also. But now I have to Select P&L in the Salary G/L. (Note should not create new G/L. In the same Salary G/L I have to change) Tell me how you can change

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In APP >Bank determination > Ranking : 1st Rank=HDFC,2nd Rank = ICICI. For 15 days I have pick money from ICICI. Tell me How to do.

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Where we have to define VAT Registration Number?

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What is mean by Cost Object. & What are all the use

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In APP If we want to Create cheques. One Standard variant name avaiable in SAP. What is Name?

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What do you mean by cost carrier ?

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what is the pre settings for fd15 fk15


Does functional module level configuration come under workbench request or customizing request?


Explain controlling (co) in sap? : co- general controlling


What are the different standard reports in sap co system? : cost center accounting


Explain manual cost allocation? : co- cost center accounting


What is the meaning of ADHOC P.O's Do we create Adhoc P.O's to our regular Vendors.What are the Tax aspects in this Issue.


What is the purpose of "document type" in sap?


Describe the reconciliation ledger? : co- cost center accounting


What are all the standard reports in co? : co- cost center accounting


Explain the account payables submodule? : fi- accounts payable


differentiate between profit center and business area


What are the categories of variances in co-om-cca? : co- cost center accounting


what is leading and non-leading ledger means in new GL Structure? what does it works for?


May i know the difference between Direct capitalisation and AUC capitalisation in Fixed Assets


Explain some of the controls setup during the configuration of internal order types in the co module?