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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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What is document spliting?

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different between withholdin tax and with out holding taxs?

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what is the implemention project in sap?

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what is open item management? Can i change reconciliation account while posting transaction? if my client require what to do?

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what is APP in SAP FICO?

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What is meaning of T.code? where we can use this?

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what is MIGO? where we can use? what is the use of that.

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while running depreciation(TC:- AFAB) for first time (posting period 001) under test run system don't show any error and no document is pickup by the system. plz help me solve this problem


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What are the different role of SAP FICO consultant during the different implementation phases of ASAP Road map. and what are the tool and documents he is using ? plz give me anser


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Hi Friends, I have one query, would be grateful if any can tell me the setting for the same. We have given an advance to vendor and deduct the tds on that. Thereafter when the bill comes in then ideally we should deduct the tds on remaining amount (Invoice amount – advance paid) because we have already deduct the tds on advance payment to vendor. I want to know the setting for that. Kindly explain in details. Regards

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What would be the issues while executing Exhange revaluation where muliple company codes, multiplal operating concerns and multiple controlling area exists ?



Instead of using GR/IR clearing account why cant we use provision for sundry creditors, if yes then why SAP using GR/IR Clearing Account


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1. We have a company with 4 branches and one factory. How do you start configuring


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why we use template allocation instead of overhead costing?

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what is cost product planning?


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Explain revenue account determination in sd? : fi- accounts receivable


What is validations and substitutions in sap?


How do you deal with tax when you post an invoice? : fi- accounts payable


What are validations and substitutions?


What controls the screen flow?


How does the system identify a posting period?


What are the options in sap when it comes to fiscal years?


How many chart of accounts can be attached to a company code?


What is a field status group?


What are the special periods 13,14,15,16 and what are they used for?


What are special types of log records?


Which is the payment term which actually gets defaulted when the transaction is posted for the customer (accounting view or the sales view)?


What is the configuration setting to be done for posting the accrual in the actual costing run?


What is sap r/1, r/2, r/3 ? Or difference between r/1,r/2,r/3 ?


Hi SAP friens, i am a beginner in SAP-FICO and started giving interviews...i am struggling and lost couple of interviews because I couldnot tell any tickets/issues...can you help me by sending some tickets/issues to my mail id - would be of great help to me to clear the interview...please help.