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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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What is Transaction Manager? In which versions is it available? What are the steps for setting it up? What is it used for?

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How do you configure tax procedure settings and tax codes? What all steps are involved?

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What is bank reconciliation? What is it used for?

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What all steps are involved in creating planning groups and planning levels in cash management? What changes does it bring?


What is new GL? What are the steps for configuring New GL? How is it different from its older counterpart? What are the advantages of having new GL?

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I have one issue in Outgoing Payments - through Trasaction codes F-53 i have i invoice in EURO already posted int he month of March the invoice amount is EURO 80,600 and the amount in local currency in AED 518800 when iam going to make the payment in local currency AED the payment amount is 512800 becoz of Foriegn Exchange Differene and it is gained of 6032 when i am going make a payment trhou F-53. when seleect the invoce it shows me in the value is in the open line items the invoice value is showing is 510800 becoz it is picking the new Exc rate from this month but when i click the currency button it show me the original Amount 518800 and i select and then i have to chareg Off the 6000 diff to Exchange rate Gain/loss account to be Credit when i am going to simulate it show me the an error message The difference is too large for clearing this is an error The difference is too large for clearing Message no. F5263 Diagnosis A non-assigned difference exists for the specified clearing amount. The difference for an automatic difference posting must not be greater than the difference permitted for the user, nor greater than the difference permitted for the tolerance group that is contained in the customer/vendor master record. System Response It is not possible to automatically charge off the difference. Procedure You can charge off the difference manually using the function "Clear differences". You define the upper limits for automatically clearing differences in the tolerance group assigned to the user. Change tolerance groups for user Please helptosolve this issue.

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While posting outgoing payment using T.Code F-07 getting in Error "1111(Company code)missing the Table T043S"

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some z repots in sap fico


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Is it possible to draft trial balance in SAP? if not why?

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What is the difference between open item display & line item disply in GL creation???

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what is difference between consumer based accounting and purchasing based accounting and how to assign the difference to profitability analysis.





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FICO, Infodart,

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what is asset group? what is parllal chart of accounts?


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What do you mean by Ticket?

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Explain automatic payment program configuration? : fi- accounts payable


What is an asset transfer date? : fi- asset accounting


What are the steps to be taken before you execute an actual costing run?


Please what do you think i have done wrong when i receive a'No form could be determined in the interest calculation form table for the following arguments' after executing in F.26(Customer Interest Scale) calculating interest.


Why do you need country chart of accounts?


What are account assignment models? : co-pa


What are one-time vendors?


What is the company code in sap?


How do you create new status groups for capital spending accounts and revenue accounts? What are the steps and the T codes used?


chart of accounts are created at client level but why we are assigning to ?


please any body can tell me ,what reponsibilities and roles should a sap fico consultant do in the job


What is a line item? : fi- general ledger


What are correspondence types in ar / ap?


How do you manage the credit limit for the customer in fi?


Hi 1) question can u explain me a suitation where in we can change from GL Account to Opwen Item Account. 2) What is ACH in SAP please explain in detail.