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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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how to enter the TDS amount deducted by customer.what customization is required please explained me

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Whwre are the number ranges assigned to document type ?

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what is budgeting in sap ?


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what is difference between distribution & assesment ?

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hello to all, i inquired various institutes in Bangalore, like radiant, prologc and sapware. they said 2 level training and each level they charge 15000 rupees. but these institutes are not authorized.and the faculty also not good they dont have any experience simply said they have 10 years experience, frankly speaking they don't have any experience. and they provide fake company documents like gensis ,gensoft and other companies offer letter, releving letter and other related documents along with bank statements. they are simply cheating companies. guys please be careful. and initially they tell to students they are providing 100% jobs and they tie-up with more than 80 companies. one you finish the course they wont respond your calls also. please close these type of institutes and save students and companies also. please


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The outstanding for vendor invoice is $1000, vendor having three banks (HDFC, ICICI and AXIS bank). Vendor given an instruction that out of invoice amount $ 1000, $500 pay to HDFC bank, $300 pay to ICICI bank and $ 200 pay to AXIX bank. How to clear the vendor invoice through app.

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How to ceate and configure the DME(Data medium exchange)file in app, i need configuration steps by step by step, it is my client requirement, pls help me ,this will leads my job please give the answer please

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If error comes Missing due line items in APP then whats the solution please ?


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i am having total 10 invoices for a customer but i want to send only 5 invoices to that customer how can i do it?


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Explain fiscal year variant Vs posting period variant 

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HI all, Here my question is i want make payment through APP on behalf of another company my question is i have configured everything in app.when i am making payment it is not we would need cross company code configuration.can anyone please tell me where we have to do or T.code its urgent


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If there is only 1 company. Can still BPC can be implemented?

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Waht is depreciation key, Deprecation area and assets class.

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If we are Maintaining diffrent tax Percentage rates in FTXP and pricing Procedure? what will happen in Accounts? which percentage will taken by system at the time of posting?


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Un-Answered Questions { SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) }

What is an operating concern and what is its relationship with a controlling area in co?


Can posting period variant be assigned to more than 1 company code?


What is a contract? : fi- accounts payable


How the system will know that april is your first posting period?


What is the app in sap fico?


Explain customer/vendor master records? : fi- accounts receivable


Differentiate between the parking and the holding of documents : fi- general ledger accounting


What is the use of account group of the vendor/customer master records? : cost center accounting


What is the difference between set screen and call screen?


How data flows through mm into fi? : co-pa


What is variance analysis in co-om-cca? : co- cost center accounting


What Kind of Report we Can see in Cost based Profitability Analysis and Accounting based Profitability Analysis ? Technical things ?


How is tax calculated in sap?


1. What is Spec? 2. If you run AP program without giving next payment rundate then system what erros throughs? 3. How do you calculate depreciation in SAP? 4. What depreciation Terms? 5. Where so you assign the plant?


How does the system calculate depreciation? : fi- asset accounting