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SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions
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what is the difference between MB1B,MB1A,MB0A,


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how can you make a condition type compulsory? Does the system picks automatically


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what is exclusion indicator in condition type?


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what is relation between planned delivery and GR processing time .

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how can configure release strategy so that any thing will be change like one dot text field in po , po become unreleased


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I am looking to buy the same material and the same vendor for a diferent price, Example I buy an OIL for 50 cent the pound (Quantity or value contract)and I can sell this oil to any cutomer, but my vendor will supply the same oil for 35 cent pound (Value or quantity contract) with one condition to sell this oil for a group of cutomer (Mac Donald )how can manage the situation, is there any possibility when I create a purchase contract to assign this line item direct to a s pecial custumer or group of customer.

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explain about Functional Specifications with Example

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I have total 4 years experience experience as SAP end user in Pharma ware hosue and mfg division , now iam looking to enhance my carrier, pls let me know which module is preferrable and which SAP institute is better to start my SAP course at bangalore

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i wani to SAP MM module and i have an experience of near abopu 4 years in SAP MM as a end want to begain my career in sap functional,so pls suggest me a good institute which cost me around 30 k. i cant afford huge amount like siemans offer.

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How to create a new movement type with reference to 541 m.type? Can you explain in a business case why it is required? How to link the trans.keys to this new m.type . 

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Can we create a new transaction keys ? If yes, how to do ? plz explain with settings

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Is there any procedure for amendment of power? If Pl. X-Plane? 



Hi,  I have 7+years experience In purchasing a new and doing sap-mm training,  how is market for mm and how to find job as sap consultant,  Pl help, 



One Vendor having to retail outlets for sale of laptops,1 retail outlet offering 50,000 and other outlet offering price is 51,000 how do you procure laptop ? from which retail and why? how do you implement in SAP mm

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In Release strategy, 1. can we create class first and then characteristics. Can u edit the characteristics.  2. How will you cancel the release strategy even if the documents are in process of approval or pending for approval. If cancelled, will all the documents waiting for approval will get automatically approved as release strategy will no longer be apply to them. 3. Which standard reports are available to pending Purchasing documents for approval. 


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Explain the types of gr blocked stocks in sap mm


Hi , anyone please clear my doubt. we maintain Price in MM and PIR , suppose if price changes we will update in PIR and also changes in PO ,do we need to update in MM?, if we update, where MM Price is reflected?


What are the initial configuration steps for inventory management?


If you want to make item ok check boix as default then what will you do?


Explain the types of third party stocks in sap mm


What is the lot size attribute of a material?


What is the transaction code to access mrp list?


What are the important steps in the procurement life cycle?


How will you consider un planned delivery cost in purchase?


I have created schedule line for one po that delivery date for some qty is for eg.20th of dec


What is mrp (material requirement planning) and what is the transaction code to access mrp list?


Explain org structure in purchasing in sap mm.


What is mrp (material requirement planning)?


How do we create a vendor number range?


Explain what are the accounts created in sap mm?