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SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions
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Could you please suggest the best institute WITH BEST FAULTYfor SAP MM in BANGALORE?

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Anyone knows the good faculty for SAP MM In pune?

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What is the Purpose of "Info update" indicator in Purchasing document? Regards, sand....@

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Can anybody tell some of business scenarios sample tickets That they have resolved? SAND...@

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After creation of schema procedure ,In vendor master i assigned the vendor scema in Puchasing view.Then i creted a PIR and assigned the condtions and saved.Then in ME12 when i have deleted those condtions,Net price field in Info Record became empty with greyout.if i want to retain my previous Net price value How should i proceed????In FSG for ME12 optional entry is checked.Plz guide me.

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MM flow with Tcodes & tables

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best institute for warehouse management course


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In BoM i mentioned item category as L But when i create po for sub-contracting defaultly it shows T, I dont understant where i done mistake, can you help me please by sadeesh

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i want to KNOW ABOUT Relaince institute in HYDERABAD for SAP MM. can any one from this institute please tell me ABOUT the faculty and course in SAP MM in Relaince Hyderabad. Paying 25000 is worth of or not? faculty having real time experince and he will teach advanced topics in SAP MM?

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What is the difference between Scales and Floats


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where you maintain in material master the multiple units of measures??


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I am new to SAP MM/WM, can someone describe a typical day working as MM/WM functional consultant , what team have you worked on, and specifically what were you in charged off within SAP team, and what were you doing?

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Can you explain how to use IDOC/EDI processes in purchasing like PO and in what context


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Where you maintain in material master the multiple units of measures?


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In material master do you know any basic tables? What is the difference between MARA and Mark?


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Un-Answered Questions { SAP MM (Material Management) }

Mention what is the transaction code used to extend the material view?


How do we create consignment stocks?


Explain the types of consignement stocks in sap mm


Explain why a 'material master' is divided into views?


What is the use of ‘split valuation’?


What is a consignment stock?


What is a cost center?


How is master data important in mm module?


Explain the 're-order point' procedure?


Explain the importance of the batch record?


What are the plant-specific data in material?


When, in initial configuration, why would you have to setup stock transport order?


What do the we 103 do?


What is the organizational structure in the materials management (mm) module?


What are the prerequisites of creating a purchasing info record?