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SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions
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hi all When I try to assign plant to company code,it shows an error: Valuation area missing in T001W SAVE AGAIN. I tried all the possible ways. .. how to solve this error


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hi all When I try to assign plant to company code,it shows an error: Valuation area missing in T001W SAVE AGAIN. I tried all the possible ways. .. how to solve this error

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Hi , i need the report for slow-moving, non- moving stock report.ple help me


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hi,is there any possible to get the report for age wise stock movement report. and i need the report for slow moving item, non-moving item report also.

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Is it possible to have scales in a quotation?

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Can anyone plz tell me what is a procedure( in detail step by step ) to migrate from tax procedure TAXINJ to TAXINN ?

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to start working with TAXINN weather we have to go for OSS note ? as in SAP ECC 6.0 there is no standard procedure TAXINN only TAXINJ is there.

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In subcontracting Process once materials is delivered by vendor and if the material has to be sent back to vendor whatis the Procedure? If the company is in bangalore and vendor in Mumbai what are the documents needed for return?

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If there is any specific purchase organization for Stock transport order how do you link with PO? I mean is there any Link b/w PO docuement type and, if its there how?

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what is the importance of purchase group in purchasing ? Is it assigned in Org. Structure?

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"only 0.000 pieces are available" what does it mean during goods issue??

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How to show the vendor codes for freight, Octroi and Comission at item details in purchase order

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Dear Sir I have one query regarding subcontracting Our firm provides blank paper to one vendor for printing work and takes it back after printing. The vendor is not sending the printed paper in a single slot, he send it in part by part. For example we send the blank paper 1000Kg for printing paper. Subcontracting vendor send it back after printing in the slot of 400 kg, 300kg and 250kg…..he tells us that remaining 50kg is wasted during printing and cutting process. We are not taking back the scarp material…we come to know finally about the qty wastage after the last qty receive and respective invoice made. So pls guide me to map this scenario in SAP. In our firm both the printed paper and blank paper lies in Raw material and raw material is non- valuated in our firm. I also tried it from my side. I created one Bom (cs01) Then I create the subcontracting Po putting the material and component provide. With cost centre and g/l account. (me21n) Then I provide the component to vendor (MB1B with mvt type – 541) Then I do the GRN for 400 and 300 and respective Invoice verification But at the time of final invoice and GRN we came to know that the qty is reduced. If we do GRN for 250kg, then the PO is still open for 50kg..And we are not taking back this 50Kg as it’s wasted during printing and cutting operations. Pls guide me map this scenario.

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How can I transfer the goods as consignment from plant to another plant ? Which configurations or set up should I maintain ?

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Is it possible to configure purchasing document number in such a fashion that system should start fresh numbering for each financial year. E.g for year 2008- 2009 PO number should start with 0809/000001 and so on and for year 2009- 2010 numbering should start with 0910/00001.

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