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SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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Suppose in an ALV report in grid we have to disply matnr, ernam,ebeln,ebelp etc.But when we bring the cursor on that specified field it will show "material number" for matnr, "purchase Document Number" for ebeln etc. how do you acheive this?


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What is mean SY-SUBRC=8 in BDC(while uploading data).


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what is the output of given code? data : f1 type i, f2 type i. write : / f1, f2. do 2 times. perform addfld. enddo. write : / f1, f2. form addfld. data : f1 type i, f2 type i. add 1 to f1. add 1 to f2. write : / f1 , f2. endform. int : f1 , f2.

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How to generate ABAP report ? requirement is like this... current Ratio and quick ratio and return on capital employed and debt equity ratio and employee turn over and gross profit ratio.. can u please prepare some function spec based on this requirement ..... can u send reply asap.


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How to debug a smartform using SMARTFORM_TRACE....and how to see its results

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What is Buffering Concept? When should a Table be buffered?

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What do you like best about working for, in this company?

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Output type is not selecte automatically with billing type ...Pls solve this issue

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In Open SQL statements such as Insert update delete which one is FASTlLY retrieve the results and which one is Efficient?

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How do we use BDC in real production scenarios ? Is BDC used on regular periodic intervals to upload data into SAP ? (say you recieve the data daily from non-sap system, like mainframes and you update the data in SAP) OR Is BDC used on adhoc basis ?


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Can we create a field without data element ? If yes what is the difference?

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How to add a column to a table control while using alphanumerical layout editor ?


Difference between inner join and outer join in abap

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how will you go for row level locking of a z table

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how will u handle multiple line items in a table control?

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How many ways can a sap system be accessed?


There is a delivery that is being created through the ABAP code and in the middle it says delivery created but someone is modifying , how would you rectify this issue


What are the differences between table and structure in data dictionary?


what is difference between user exit, customer exit and badi?


Explain sap abap 3-tier architecture?


Write special commands of list?


Different types of locks?


data:zxyz type xyz. where xyz is a standard sap structure where it contains data type fields and line type (refer to other structure) fields. my question is how to assign values to field zxyz-str-matnr where str is a structure inside xyz structure.


What is the name of the system variable that holds the contents of the selected line in interactive reporting?


How will you define posting procedures?


What does an EXEC SQL stmt do in ABAP? What is the disadvantage of using it?


Persistent class


What is at exit-command:?


When you prefer lsmw?


What is the difference between function group and function module?