COM DCOM Interview Questions
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What happens when client calls CoCreateInstance?

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What is the difference, if any, between OLE and COM?

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What is In-proc?

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Let?s assume we have object B and aggregated object C (in- proc server), created by B. Can you access any interface of B from C? What?s the difference between aggregated and contained objects?

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What is a moniker ?

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C is aggregated by B, which in turn aggregated by A. Our client requested C. What will happen?

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How to Use structs in COM interfaces when Automation compatibility is not an issue?

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Define and explain COM?


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Do COM keep track of all the object references(Accounting)?


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how you call a dll as a COM dll.

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When you call CoInitialize(NULL) function how it works internally.

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Differentiate normal DLL to COM DLL


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Futures of COM


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how do you know it is general dll or com dll

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Write a JCL to copy only selected members from a partitioned data set to another partitioned data set. (Use: IEBCOPY)


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Which namespace do the classes, allowing you to support COM functionality, are located?