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Health Pharma AllOther Interview Questions
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Which types of deviations are followed in pharmaceuial API manufacturing industry?


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What are the significance of MKT in stability study.


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What is the different between GMP & cGMP ?

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what is the mechanism of action of local anaesthetics?


why we have to use only 900 ml buffer in dissolution apparatus ? what are the conditions that favours the selection of volume of buffer?

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what is the disintegration time of mouth dissolving tablet

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How to register or submit drug master file to any regulatory agency?

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while formulation of Gliclazide floating tablets why we are using direct cmpression technique why not wet granulation and what happend with that


please explain the job responsibilities of quality assurance..


Anyone have any idea when to conduct Uniformity of Weight (UOW) and when need to conduct Uniformity of Dosage Units (UOD) or when need both? I read BP it only said if average weight < or = 0.04g then just conduct UOD, no need UOW. Under UOD section, it doesnt say when need to conduct UOD but just said UOD got two type, one is Mass Variation (MV), another is Content Uniformity (CU) and under what conditions to conduct them. For USP, no UOW section, only got UOD section.

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How to set impurity limits for Related substances test.

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using of chemical standards in HPLC he customer gave 100.2% what potency i will use this potency in hplc?

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Tolerance limit for dissolution media rpm sampling point.

Torrent Pharma,

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diffrence between known impurity and specified impurity?

Cipla, Medreich,

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from hplc chromatogram how can we say that calibration is needed now?

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Give an example of how you've handled a problem patient.


Explain difference between sonication and homozinization?


How to perform forced degradation on tablet sample or suspensions?


What are the filing requirements for ANDA-USA, Europe, Brazil, South Africa, Japan and Emerging Markets


Can any one tell me that which brand hplc column is used for levetiracetam imp- b test.


If calibration of 12 bowl dissolution apparatus does not meets single stage procedure, how can u proceed calibration?


plz.mail me model papers of drug inspector of chhattisgarh..or MP.if Posible. Mail,


what is the mechanism of action of local anaesthetics?


What r the different sop in or plant


Tell us about your oncology experience.


why didn't you go back to previous employer after shifting to bangalore?


What is the basic requirement for preparing drug master file , like EDMF , USDMF ?


What do you mean by GTT? What are the effect of GTT on film coating.


Why SLS used as dissolution medium


from hplc chromatogram how can we say that calibration is needed now?