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RRB Interview Questions
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One horse power is equal to (1) 1000 watts (2) 750 watts (3) 746 watts (4) 500 watts

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Actual power from a compression ignition engine is delivered during (1) Compression stroke (2) Expansion stroke (3) Suction stroke (4) None of these

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A bolt has a hexagonal slot. Which tool is suited for turning the bolt? (1) Box spanner (2) Philips screw driver (3) Allen key (4) Torque wrench

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Cable used for a cable TV network is (1) Twisted cable (2) Co-axial cable (3) UTP cable (4) None of these

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A wire of resistance 24 ohms is bent in the form of a circular ring. The effective resistance between the two points on any diameter of the circle is (1) 24 ohms (2) 12 ohms (3) 6 ohms (4) 3 ohms

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Distortion caused on a telephone line by on adjacent telephone line is called (1) Inductive disturbance (2) Cross-talk (3) Cross fire (4) Transposition

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A short initializing programme of a P.C. is called (1) Main programme (2) Sub-routine (3) Boot programme (4) Branch

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Optical fibres are used for communication in LASER because (1) Interference is produced by other lasers (2) They ensure that the beam does not scatter (3) They produce atmospheric interference (4) None of these

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In a pneumatic control system, the medium used is (1) Liquid (2) Oil (3) Wind (4) Hydrogen

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In a Binary System the decimal number 15 is written in which of these forms ? (1) 1110 (2) 1100 (3) 1111 (4) 1001

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L.V.D.T (1) enables measurement of temperature (2) helps in converting linear movement into electric signal (3) transforming electric signal in linear motion (4) can be used to identify angular displacement

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What is ?ROM? associated with computers ? (1) Random only memory (2) Repeat only memory (3) Read only memory (4) Rate of memory

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Two binary numbers 1000 and 1101 will have their sum total in the decimal form as (1) 18 (2) 21 (3) 19 (4) 22

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Which of these helps in converting A.C. high voltage to low voltage or its opposite? (1) Transistor (2) Transformer (3) Computater (4) Accumulator

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A P-type semiconductor will be rich in (1) Electrons (2) Holes (3) Holes and electrons (4) None of these

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i need previous year questions for section engineer(S&T) for electronics engineer. please send some sample questions to my mail id Thanks in advance !


I am studying final year mechanical engineering. what is the procedure for me to get enter into engineering stream in RRB?


friends anyone send me the model question paper for RRB- (s&t) to this email


Please anybody let me know whether RRB chennai will conduct JE & SSE exams next year (2017)?


I need the test pattern and prev year (solved) qstn paper for rrb chennai ., for the post of enquiry cum reservation clerk., pls post the useful links




PLEASE SEND It, RRB JE,CHENNAI,question paper with solved answers if anybody please send it my mail this is my mail id


Dear sir, This is my kind request can i get rrb junior engineer(Electrical) model question paper for the past2 years pls message me or contact me in the below mail id or pls sir this is my hummbelrequest


hi i im a student and going to give rrb examination so i want the study mat and previous qsn papers so plzz send it to my mail id


hi frds iam manasa iam frm AP.. i am short listed for apgvb po interview bt iam very tensed about it ... frds if any of u have cleared it please give tips for prepration....plzzz


Please send RRB Ticket Examiner/ Ticket Collector previous years question papers to


sir i want technician grade-3 (carpenter) model question paper


railway pharmacist


what is examing body


all type question of rrb kolkata.