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RRB Interview Questions
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When electric current passes through any conductor, then its temperature (1) Increases (2) Decreases (3) Remains same (4) Depends upon conductor

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On the same voltage, the resistance of the filament of the bulbs of 200 watt and 100 watt are R1 and R2, then (1) The value of R1 is twice that of R2 (2) The value of R2 is four times the value of R1 (3) The value of R1 is four times that of R2 (4) The value of R2 is twice that of R1

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Which of the following statements are correct for Ohm?s Law? (1) Electric current across the conductor and the multiple of the potential difference of conductor indicate resistance (2) The ratio of potential difference of conductor and electric current across the conductor is always constant (3) If all the physical states are constant, then potential difference across the conductor is directly proportional to its passing electric current (4) If all the physical states are constant, then the potential difference across any matter which conducts electricity is inversely proportional to its flowing current

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A wire of resistance 10 ohms is drawn out to three times its original length. The new resistance will be (1) 90 ohm (2) 10 ohm (3) 30 ohm (4) 120 ohm

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Electromagnetic radiation of the highest frequency is (1) ?-rays (2) x-rays (3) Radio waves (4) Infrared waves

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One of the simplest applications of a diode is in (1) Amplification (2) Detection of microwaves (3) Modulation of signals (4) Rectification

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Ornamental granite stone is found in the district of (1) Gulbarga (2) Uttara Kannada (3) Kodagu (4) Mysore

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The critical mass of a nuclear reaction is (1) The initial mass to start a nuclear fission (2) The minimum mass for the chain reaction (3) The size of the reactor core (4) The size of the reactor core + size of the moderator

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The speed of electro-magnetic radiation in a vacuum (1) Increases from radio rays to ?-rays (2) Decreases from radio rays to ?-rays (3) Depends upon the source of the radiation (4) Is equal for all factors or elements

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A longitudinal wave is made, when (1) Two stationary waves equal frequency and amplitude meet in opposite directions (2) Two stationary waves of equal frequency and amplitude meet in the same direction (3) Two stationary waves of equal frequency but different amplitudes meet in opposite directions (4) Two stationary waves of equal amplitude but different frequency meet in opposite directions

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In order to move one unit of positive charge from one point to another on the same potential surface (1) Work is done through the charge (2) Work is done on the charge (3) No work is done (4) The work done is fixed

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Which of the following can explain the echo produced through sound waves? (1) Shifting (2) Refraction (3) Reflection (4) Dispersion

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Decibel is defined in terms of (1) voltage level (2) power ratio (3) current level (4) None of these


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A load cell is a (1) Photo-voltaic cell (2) Strain gauge (3) Thermistor (4) Pressure gauge

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A D.C. series motor should (1) always be run at constant speed (2) always be started on load (3) not be used where starting torque is high (4) None of these

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sir i applied for loco pilot, goods guard, assistant station master and electrical section engineer posts.can you sent me the old question papers and syllabus of the examination to the email




Dear sir, This is my kind request can i get rrb section engineer(mechanical) model question paper for the past2 years nd syllabus.pls message me or contact me in the below mail id pls sir this is my hummbel request.


please send previous model paper to


sir please send me the previous question papers for the entrance test of the rrb tc and gang man as early as possible


Can anyone send me previous year rrb JE signals paper. my id is


pls provide me general ability quest & answ of RRB exams for JE (Electronics).


Hi I need RRB Junior Engineer Solved exam question papers.Can anyone send it to my mail id Also i need 2009 and 2008 RRB Exam solved question papers.


dear sir i need je civil p.way question model


who administers the oath to the cheif justice of india?


how do i prepare for the upcoming exam for physiotherapist in rrbi and plz send previous question paper for this post


please send me aptitude as well as technical questions of rrb bangalore with answers for je tele category


what is examing body


sir, iam sampath i want the syllabus & model papers of locopilot exam for diploma in mechanical. when the hall tickets will be provided, if we donot get whom we have to contact.please mail me to . thaking you sampath.n


please send me rrb previous year question papers of bhubaneshwar rrb