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Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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Hi can anyone pls let me know, how many test case can be written to this C question (Unit testing) *funame (Int x, Long b) { x=b; x < 5 } Note: - Return type is boolean - Input type is unsigned char



The person who is week in writing code.what the best option --join Testing course and .net Course..Which one is better..

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You have been given an application and you have only 15 mins to test the application. How would you do the testing?

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Please any one could u please tell me what is CLOAS life insurance?its urgent, thanks advance.

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what is mean by sdlc & stlc? what is mean by V-model?

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How to write an implementation plan for our QA system with small budget, from scratch.


while testing a bug has been found and reported but it was not fixed and delivered to the client what will be the effect on it?

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What is the difference between Testing and Code review?

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I would like to know the kinds of questions that could come up with regard to backend testing? As i am new to this field would also know if backend testing is restricted only to sql and unix. If at all anyone has any information on the same kindly get back to me..thanks


How to hack someone's yahoo or gmail account? what can be the test cases for the same.

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Whether networking knowledge is essential for a testing professional?

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what are all the folders maintained in memory location?


How will you hack someone's gmail or yahoo account.


Difference between the Web based and client server testing. Explain using example..

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Hi, For the web application testing, whether we can use "Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner", I want to know in detail. Thanks in advance bye


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What are the Difficulties you found while testing your module ? plese give the possible difficulties.


Mention what the different types of test coverage techniques are?


What is upward compression?


What is loop testing?


What is a software version?


What is the information that should be covered in test plan?


There is very little time to test due to the development team delay how will you handle this situation?


Explain storage testing?


How to track the requirement from bugzilla tools? As our project requirement are changing frequestly and all are tracked in bugzilla tool. How to manage all as all project having short term duration. Please reply back ASAP? Thanks in advanced?


What is future of FC SAN vs FCOE SAN


What are the advantages of SCSI compared to ATA or IDE ?


how cam www sites be tested


What makes an inspection different from other review types?


What can be thought of as being based on the project plan, but with greater amounts of detail?


Which is not a tool of static code analysis? a.)Ada b.)Borland-delphi c.)Fortan d.)None