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Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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what box testers shouldn't look inside the a. code b. design c. specification d. none of the above

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which testing we do during requirements? a. white box testing b. black box testing c.both testing d.none

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what kind of things you have to consider in writing test cases for web interface testing ?

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who does the security check on the web site, other than login/password screens ?

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what is the difference between web application and client server application testing ?


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how to test Browswer Compatability Testing ?

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what are the important test scenarios for testing a web site ?


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what happens in a web application when you enter all the data and click on submit button suddenly the connection goes off? where the data will go ?

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what are the key factors for performance testing ?


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what errors can occur when the page loads?

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how do you test the server response time? do you use any tool? if so what tool ? if not how can you it be done manually ?


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what is the difference in testing a secured site 'https' & a non-secured site 'http&'

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who does the security check on the web site, other than login/password screens ?

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What is the major risk or challenge faced by you as QA analyst other than clash with the developer regarding the defect log.

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what is port testing


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What is a variant?


have u write any sanity testcases?


What is glossary of software qa/testing?


What is test phase?


Hi..I want testing in worker compensation claims.. if anyone have real exp..can you explain it for me.. thanks


What is the difference between interoperability and compatibility testing with some examples?


I need to learn everything I can about the different types of Test Activities (i.e., Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Cases, etc.). What is the best online resource?


what is cohensive testing and span control?


What is error-based testing?


What is the purpose of exit criteria?


What is infeasible path?


What is Test Script Planner


I am going for an interview for back end and ui testing. Can smone tell me some important questions?


What is a test closure?


Hi, Can any one please provide any links regarding the interview questions for Computer Systems Validation. I have got QA background and looking for a career in CSV in Pharmaceutical Companies. Thanks in advance...