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Solaris Commands Interview Questions
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how many clients have in our server ? how we find that?

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how to find out the how many disks attached in the server?

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How to scan newly added disks to system?

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How to review multiple MAC Addess in Solaris?


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How to review IP as weel as port no in solaris?

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How to review all zones in solaris10?


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How to findout MAC addess as well as IP address of the host?


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What is the function of truss in solaris?

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How to lock the user id in solaris?

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How to stop the process in Solaris?

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How to check the sleeping process in Solaris.

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How can you create mount points in solaris?


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what is the command to know about pkg information

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how to see particular job whether completed or not?

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how to set the hostname or username at commamd promt ? where to set password length,max and min ?

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Un-Answered Questions { Solaris Commands }

Hi We have upgraded our sun machine from solaris 9 to solaris 10. Before upgradation the date command output(Solaris 9) Wed Oct 13 09:45:21 IST 2010 But after upgradation the output for date is as below(solaris 10). Wednesday, October 13, 2010 9:46:14 AM IST Looks like I need to change LC_TIME=C. can you please help me how to change it for permanently


If the root disk is failed how can change it?


what are the alarms in solaris?


How to configure email notification in solaris 8? We are using netbackup 5


There are two nic cards on a sun server. I need to connect one nic to pupic ip and another nic to DMZ. Could you tell me how to configure step by step?


After first installation of Solaris 10, what and all the Securities We need to set and how ?


What does pkgadd command do?


Write the steps involved in creating and executing a program to implement the “case” command.


How can u find a file which is logged in last week?


Which command is used to backup and restore solaris file system?


What are the differences between the command line and graphical user interface?


Where do you get Alarm prompt?


what is the difference between solaris8 and solaris9 and solaris10


please post step by step installation of packages from the EIS cd..


How to make SUN server as router in subnetwork?