SQL Server Interview Questions
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wat is the main diff between sql server 2000and sql server 2005

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What is the difference between windows authentication and sql server authentication


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code to create procedure for taking databse backup in sql server or i have the query for it but what it's query returns means i want to show on my jsp that the databse backup has been taken on the basis of that return value.does it returns 0 or 1.wat is the code for that



how can i store resumes in database?


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how many joins we can write if at all we have n no of tables

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what is the order of execution of where,having,group by in select stement

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What is the difference between SSAS 2000 and SSAS 2005?


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PC(code, model, speed, ram, hd, cd, price) Find the hard drive sizes that are equal among two or more PCs.


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please can anyone answer this query Table 1 has 2 columns: EmployeeId,Age Table 2 has 2 columns: EmployeeId, Region Write SQL to Find the region who has the oldest person

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can any one answer this query,thank you in advance Table 1 has 2 columns: EmployeeId, T shirtsize(values can be 1,2,3) Table 2 has 2 columns: EmployeeId, Region Write SQL to Find the region which has the largest number of people with Tshirt size=3


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i want table name basis on column name.

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i want only duplicates rows from coloumn ex. emp_id(colomn name)1,1,2,3,3,4,5,5. so i want only duplicates no.


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In clustered and non clustered indexes which one is faster while executing a query ?

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How to create logins using windows Authentication mode?

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write the query for taking database restore in sql?

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Un-Answered Questions { SQL Server }

How do triggers work?


Explain stored procedure?


What is de-normalization and what are some of the examples of it?


You have developed an application which uses many stored procedures and triggers to update various tables users ocassionally get locking problems which tool is best suited to help you diagnose the problem?


Explain what is row_number function?


What are SSL and TSL protocols?


What is the command used to check locks in microsoft sql server?


What is triggers and stored procedures?


sql database suspect We have a sql database that is showing as suspect. How can we recover?


How to connect to a sql server using odbc_connect()?


Tell me what is log shipping?


How do you identify a foreign key?


What Is Rdbms?


What is the difference between varchar and nvarchar datatypes?


What is federation member?