SQL Server Interview Questions
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what is the query and condition to delete datas in sql server.

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How do you fine the performance tunning?


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what is diffence between replicaion and logshipping?

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what is physical sort data and logical sort data in index?

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When do you create cluster and noncluster index?


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how can do you the system monitoring?

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what is the Enterprise manager(2000) and management studio (2005)?

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How the data stores in a page?

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what are the problems in logshipping?

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How to tune a stored procedure?

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what is index seek and index scan?

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What is the difference between IN and EXISTS operators in SQL Server?

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How to display n-1 columns from n number of columns, from a single table in MS SQL server 2005?

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can you any body tell me the difference between candidate key and primary key

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Any one plz send me SQL Server Developer/DBA resume for 4 years experience


Delete duplicate rows without using rowid.


How to convert a table data in XML format in sql server?


What is log shipping? Can we do logshipping with SQL Server 7.0 - Logshipping is a new feature of SQL Server 2000. We should have two SQL Server - Enterprise Editions. From Enterprise Manager we can configure the logshipping. In logshipping the transactional log file from one server is automatically updated into the backup database on the other server. If one server fails, the other server will have the same db and we can use this as the DR (disaster recovery) plan.


in a table is b in column k (manikanta,sivananda,muralidhar) i want result like (mnikanta,sivnanda,murlidhar) please slove it


How to trouble shoot if unable to connect SQL Server


ow to bring suspect mode datbase online from scratch


how can you select rexcord(rows) from table A which is not present in Table B . Id being the FK in Table B referencing to ID Table A


on line cluster can we make if yes tell me the procedure


role of sql sever 2005 in database rather than any other database


how many no of arguments can be passed in procedures and functions


What is data modeling and Reterminal integrity?


what is the sql equivaent of the dataset relation object ?


Explain Capacity planning to create a database? and how to monitor it?


How retrieve field names from the table in SQL through JAVA code?