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TS Interview Questions
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how many joins we can write if at all we have n no of tables

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This is on letter series like if DEFGHI: ABCDEF then NOPQRS:_______

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How we can use the database checkpoint on a java web based application in which the database connectivity is done using JDBC->Pure Java type (in this type there is no need to create a DSN). At present in QTP we can fetch database values using checkpoint only through DSN. Is there any programming for this if we don't have DSN (ODBC)


What is Subversion's client or server interoperability policy?


wht type of User defined functions or Java Releated functions do we write in VB scripting


how to introduce yourself


what are the advantages of PO 7.4 version ? new features in it ?


hi friends.any one tell me pattern for mt exam for steel plant..plz plz plz..


What happens if the Capacitive Voltage Transformer Primary neutral is not earthed. There is a CVT between Transformer and source, and the CVT neutral of the transformer is not earthed, does it effect the transformer while charging or does it effect the transformer charging process.


my question is I am finance student I want to know which type of the question are asked by the interwier in interview.


wat you mean by harmonics? why you r using isolation transformer in digital ups or in normal means igbt ups?


I have installed QTP version 9.0. I have installed Mozilla firefox version 2.0. But QTP "Record and Run settings" in WEB tab shows FIREFOX 1.5 in drop down to run session begins. So QTP does not record anything which I type in firefox. How can i recognise firefox 2.0 and how can i update browser version in QTP?


What is a checkpoint?


As per ICH related substances stability trend limit from initial to shelf life


How can I perform testing of real device by connecting to laptop? Is there any software to access my mobile ?


explain single phase series motor


Why humidity limit is 30 to 55 % for raw material storage?


TS Interview Questions
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