SQL Server Interview Questions
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Which command executes the contents of a specified file?

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Which command displays the SQL command in the SQL buffer, and then executes it?


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Which system tables contain information on privileges granted and privileges obtained

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Which system table contains information on constraints on all the tables created?

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what command is used to create a table by copying the structure of another table?

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What is the advantage of specifying WITH GRANT OPTION in the GRANT command?

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What is the use of CASCADE CONSTRAINTS?

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Write a Select Query to display title for each group of records, which are collected with Compute Clause? Like titlefield column-A column-B ..... ..... ..... Sum ... titlefield column-A column-B ..... ..... ..... Sum ...

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What are the type of Indexes? which one is best, why?

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How to work on DTS?what is the main requirement?

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I have student marks in a student table. I need second highest mark .Then what will the query for this?

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how to find nth highest salary

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About types of indexes in SQL server ?


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Difference between writing SQL query and stored procedure ?

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About DTS usage ?

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How to trouble shoot if unable to connect SQL Server


Tell about MOM Tool(Microsoft Operator Manager)?


What is Fragmentation and Defragmentation? For 32GB Table,How can we do the fragmentation?


Hi, I Created 3 Tables Person(PersID[prkey],Name,Email,Password), Project(ProjName,ProjID[prkey],ProjLeader,ProjManager) & ProjectInvolvement(EntryDate,ProjID[frkey],PersID[frkey],ProjDuration). For this how can i INSERT,UPDATE & DELETE Through PROCEDURE? Please Post the Answer for me. Desai.


Can you give me some DBCC command options?(Database consistency check) - DBCC CHECKDB - Ensures that tables in the db and the indexes are correctly linked.and DBCC CHECKALLOC - To check that all pages in a db are correctly allocated. DBCC SQLPERF - It gives report on current usage of transaction log in percentage. DBCC CHECKFILEGROUP - Checks all tables file group for any damage.


what is checksum in sql server.........???


on line cluster can we make if yes tell me the procedure


How do use Having,Group by,Group function in SQL?


explain the difference between oracle- sql and sql server sql ? if both are same y we r using 2 sw.s?


after migrating the dts packg to ssis by using migrtn wizrd in 2005. iam not able to open ssis pack and getting error. what r those errors? how to resolve?


What is log shipping? Can we do logshipping with SQL Server 7.0 - Logshipping is a new feature of SQL Server 2000. We should have two SQL Server - Enterprise Editions. From Enterprise Manager we can configure the logshipping. In logshipping the transactional log file from one server is automatically updated into the backup database on the other server. If one server fails, the other server will have the same db and we can use this as the DR (disaster recovery) plan.


If user is owning any SQL Objects, can we drop that user


Can anyone tell that the extra features are there in SQL SERVER 2008 that are not available in previous versions .


hi i am working as a testengineer , so i want to no the backend data base connection can any one tell mwe in detail


whats new about truncate in sql server 2008?