SQL Server Interview Questions
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If there is failure during updation of certain rows, what will be the state?

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What is the difference between Userdefined function and stored procedure? Explain and give the example also

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how to dispaly a particular row details from a given table

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What is a transaction and what are ACID properties?

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Explain different isolation levels?

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What's the maximum size of a row?

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Explain Active/Active and Active/Passive cluster configurations?

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Explain the architecture of SQL Server?

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What is lock escalation?

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What's the difference between DELETE TABLE and TRUNCATE TABLE commands?

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Explain the storage models of OLAP?

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What are the new features introduced in SQL Server 2000? What changed between the previous version of SQL Server and the current version?



What are constraints? Explain different types of constraints?

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Which is the subset of SQL commands used to manipulate Oracle Database structures, including tables?

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what operator performs pattern matching?

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what are the critical issues you have resloved in your company


how do you determine the Load performance of any query in sql server {example how do u determine performance of a select stmnt which returns Dynamically many no of records ... some times 100,1000,10000 etc., }


hi, the following are the outputs of sp_spaceused and sp_tempdbspace sp_spaceused ------------ database size unallocated size tempdb 77752.95 MB 28026.99 MB sp_tempdbspace ------------- database size spaceused tempdb 77752.945312 1.007812 the unused space in sp_spaceused is nearly 28 Gb and in sp_tempdbspace is nearly 76 Gb cany any one explain about this output and why its giving different results.


what is checksum in sql server.........???


how can you attach more than 20 ldf files in sql server


How we create SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services ? Give me Sample


query processing


Help!!!!!!!!!!!! My database has gone offline, it is highlighted as 'Suspect'. Foolishly, i haven't got a recent back up. Is there a way of quickly restoring the database? Thank you


Insert syudents details in table.Current system date &time insert into joining time.How do insert?( in sysdate only return current system date how do add time?)


how can u get last observation in an unknown dataset ?


hi, how to link a text file and a .rpt file in my tables of sql server and to retrieve those records for further use. reply me as soon as possible.


How retrieve field names from the table in SQL through JAVA code?


What is log shipping? Can we do logshipping with SQL Server 7.0 - Logshipping is a new feature of SQL Server 2000. We should have two SQL Server - Enterprise Editions. From Enterprise Manager we can configure the logshipping. In logshipping the transactional log file from one server is automatically updated into the backup database on the other server. If one server fails, the other server will have the same db and we can use this as the DR (disaster recovery) plan.


System variable and temporary variables


How do I repair damaged sql server mdf file database? In previous day my mdf file has got damage due to unknown reasons then I used dbcc chekcdb command but it failed, MDF file is important for me, I don’ know that how to get back mdf file data. Please anyone suggest me?