SQL Server Interview Questions
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If there is failure during updation of certain rows, what will be the state?

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What is the difference between Userdefined function and stored procedure? Explain and give the example also

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how to dispaly a particular row details from a given table

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What is a transaction and what are ACID properties?

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Explain different isolation levels?

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What's the maximum size of a row?

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Explain Active/Active and Active/Passive cluster configurations?

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Explain the architecture of SQL Server?

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What is lock escalation?

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What's the difference between DELETE TABLE and TRUNCATE TABLE commands?

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Explain the storage models of OLAP?

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What are the new features introduced in SQL Server 2000? What changed between the previous version of SQL Server and the current version?



What are constraints? Explain different types of constraints?

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Which is the subset of SQL commands used to manipulate Oracle Database structures, including tables?

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what operator performs pattern matching?

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optimization techinques


This question asked during interview, 2) At the end of each month, a new table is created for each bank that contains monthly metrics consolidated at the account level. The table naming convention is bankX_YYYYMM where X represents the numeric designation of the bank and YYYYMM indicates the 4 digit year and 2 digit month. The tables contain the following fields: name data type description account text account number registered boolean indicates whether the account is registered num_trans integer number of transactions made during the time period spend numeric(9,2) total spend during the time period a) Write a SQL query that will display the total number of transactions and total spend for "Bank1" during the 4th quarter of 2009. b) Write a SQL query that will display the total number of transactions and total spend at "Bank1" and "Bank2", broken out by registered vs. non-registered accounts, during January 2010 not sure what is correct answer and how to solve?


how to do partition in sqlserver


i have made a project i vb.net n created a .exe of it after installing it in to any pc, the database (sql express) is not geting accesed i.e the aplication cuts the link of the database, so plz help in this matter.


What is data modeling and Reterminal integrity?


how many no of arguments can be passed in procedures and functions


what is the sql equivaent of the dataset relation object ?


Suppose i have a table that contains 5 columns like col1,col2...colm5.I want to import only two column through BCP utility.How to do same through BCP in sybase.


Why we need to use secondry database file? though, we can do same work using primary database file also.


How can we call UDF(User Define Function) using C# code in ASP.net ?


how can u get last observation in an unknown dataset ?


1.what are diff types of joins , and explain diff between cross join and full outer join 2.diff types of views 3. Diff types of index 4. What is diff b/w stores procedure and function procedure 5.diff between double and int in SQL 6.diff between char and varchar in SQL. 7.Oracle or SQL whice you will preferred and why.


how to overcome kernel isssues


In my application I have a process which picks the scanned files (tif format) from a shared location and it links to application and shown on it.The actuall issue is that my process picks the file before it is completly written or scanned which results in displaying few parts of the image or incomplete image.I need to check if the file is not completly scanned or written then do not link it to application.Please help if any body tell me that how can i check that file is in written phase or locked through DTS.thanking you in advance


Delete duplicate rows without using rowid.