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Describe the commands to set up a route.

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Describe the commands to set up a route...

Answer / network

ip route x.x.x.x 255.z.z.z y.y.y.y
It is for static route x represents destination network and
y represents ip address of outgoing interface. If you need
to use static route for mpls-vpn customers you should write
ip route vrf Customer_vpn x.x.x. 255.z.z.z y.y.y.y

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Describe the commands to set up a route...

Answer / amit aherwar

commands to set up a router

#configure terminal
#hostname xyz
#enable secret
#interface fast ethernet (give it a port address)
#ip address (give it a 32bit ip add) (give it a mask)
#no shut
(enable any routing protocol::: static route is best)
or you can use RIP it is easy to configure

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