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Networking Administration Interview Questions
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What is meant my data qutoe error In ms office


how many scopes con create in one dhcp?

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what have u been doing for the past six months?


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what is Perigrine ticketing system and to which company this product belongs to

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What is the BOOT P protocol used for, where might you find it in windows network infrastructure?


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I have to do a VLAN connection. I have a managed switch 2950 with 48 ports there r 34 pc connected through switch My aim is to create 3 VLAN. I want to use the IP adress to 10.12 for VLAN1 so what could be the default gateway address of VLAN1.

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what is diffrents betweeen ntfs and fat ?

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what is difference between tcp & udp protocol?

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when a computer is restart,it will not show startup screen and instead a Beep sound is continuosly appearing,what could be the reason and there are important files and folders present in the system.what should be needed to do to bring the system to its normal state?

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what is mean topoplogy? you have which topology use the network?

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what is the RAID

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what is Cisco Firewall

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what is the RAID

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what is Cisco Firewall


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can we break administrator password of domain controller.and how to break.?

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main roll of network administrator


How network topology affect your decision in setting up a network?


How do you manage a long term demanding stressful work environment?


Explain about vpn?


What is 10base-t?


Tell me when troubleshooting computer network problems, what common hardware-related problems can occur?


Define slip?


Define mac addresses?


How to delete software errors? What is that?


Have you worked in an assignment based environment, e.g. work request or trouble ticket system, and if so, describe that environment?


Tell me about your job profile.


Explain one advantage of mesh topology?


Explain how to identify the ip class of a given ip address?


Define rsa algorithm?


Define proxy servers and how do they protect computer networks?