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why you want to join our companey

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I have to give interviews in various airlines for cabin Crew.So,plz tell me abt various ques. Which r expected by Them

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i want to give interview for airindia plz help me for all the interview rounds?

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i can attended a cabin crew interview they ask me to tell me about.i have working as front office executive in an electronic firm they ask me how can me manage a front office i didn't give any answer because i am afraid so pls give me help how can i answer these questions



what is a Zivnostensky list?

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Is Absinthe legal to export?

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Do anyone need VISA to live in cZECH Republic?

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Why do you want to become an airhostess?

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What would you do if you lost an engine on take off?


Why do airliners have swept wings?


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What will you do if you are not selected for a job with this Airline?


Discuss the most significant business issue currently affecting the airline industry ?


what measures you think this Airline is taking in response to its effects?


What would you do if you saw a passenger being abusive to a member of cabin ?

Jet Airways,

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What do you think poses the greatest threat to Airline security today?


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Why do you intend to enroll at UST


Does your company provide you with leads?


Have you ever worked with someone that you did not get along with as part of a team? How did you Handle that situation


What do you think poses the greatest threat to Airline security today?


What comes to your mind when you see Kingfisher Airlines logo?


In a few sentences, please describe a situation where you have exceeded somebody’s expectations. How did you know what the other person had been looking for and what did you do to “go the extra mile”?


why cabin crew in kingfisher airlines?


what is the worst feedback you have ever got?


difference between organization structure in small and large industry


which CRS system you have used?


what are the effects of Tourism induced infrastructure?


Why do u know about F& B?? Why u want 2 work there?


why you consider urselffit for the post of assistant hotel manager?


Tell us about a time when you failed to meet a deadline. What were the repercussions?


What proactive steps did you have to take to increase the output of your position food and beverage operation manager