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Government AllOther Interview Questions
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Does any one know when Syndicate bank PO applications will be called for ?

Delhi Police,


Hello all, I attend the interview of sbi on 3rd may 2010. It was just cool.


There can not be parity in the role, task & pay structure of officeres of CPMF & Army.But as far as protocall is concerned who is equivalant to whom in CPMF & Army? Is there any Govy notification of it?



Does a Major of Army is equivalant to 2IC of CPMF in service protocall?


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What is the paralal rank of CPMF to Leitenent @ Captain of Army



What’s the role of Lieutenant & Captain in Army?


what is the use of chlorine?

State Bank Of India SBI,


What kind of question would be asked in interview of WBSEDCL for the post of computfr assisten? Would be realy grateful.



hi my name is prashanth i have selected for karnatakabank clerk but my number is put in waiting list what is that mean am i selected or not plz help me

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Sir please give information regarding managerial aptitude test because ,I am preparing for Apsrtc supervisor examination,if any one finds any ebook or any information means plz mail to me my id



By mistake tds on salary short deducted and this mistake find to TDS officer and told the staff after one year that deposit the amount with interest through TAN. what these amount deposit through employee pan or tan. pls. suggest the right way. dharmendra tandon, Lucknow


can any one say which book is the best for preparation of GPSC


what is GR Form? What is AR and AR 4 form?

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hi this is savinder. i have selected for interview of Union bank IT manager. can anyone know about interview? and what they ask in interview? what type of question they ask? pls tell me thanks

ABC, UP Police,


At d time of sbi clerical 2009 interview ,I submitted passing certificate instead of degree certificate,Will it create any problem in getting selected ?


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Hi, I have cleared karnataka bank clerk exam and will b called for interview.kindly send me interview questions to mail id plzzzzzzz..


what your view about-moral values ??


hi...i am a final yr enginnering student. i got above 80% in all of the xams. can i appear in upcoming allahabad bank p.o. xam on 17th april,2011? i will get my graduation certificate in july.


What are the questions asked in panchayti secretary interview


what is special constitutional position of Jammu and Kashmir


hi, i am ashok from ap state .i applied for posta assistants 2010. i have 97.4%in inter and can iget hal ticket. my typing is not upto 30 words per minute . how can get the job, and i applied for ongole division ,is the exam conducted in that division or not ,please tell me . or message me on 9346607904. thank u,


SBI interview guide books issues enormous data about a bank.How can i manage such data to get.pls tell me some reliable sites name.


when will be declared ssa final result of epfo?


kendriya vidhyalay primery teacher starting total sallary


Hi I have cleared SBI PO exam. Can any one help me out what all will b the GD topics I can expect.


Hi ,i m going to attend IT officer interview ,I will be thankful if any send information about that. my email id is


does an inspector in central excise get a gun at the joining time period?


Re: please sent a rrb assistant station master previous question paper


what questions are asked in acio interview?


The efficiency of a mother is 3 times to her daughter. If daughter completes a piece of work in 15 days, how long will it take for both mother and daughter to complete the same work? 1. 13/4 2. 15/4 3. 17/4 4. 19/4