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Government AllOther Interview Questions
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I have cleared SBI clerical exam n having an interview on 8th. I have query.....Im an electrical engg and i'm having an exp. of 2yrs in Software field. They r going to ask me why u want to join this job then what will b the best answer for it..... Please help me


please send me the last 10 years papers of NTPC and BHEL or control and instrumentation and electronics branches respectively.


Hi can anybody tell me what are all the documents that we need to take with us for SBI Clerk interview? Plz do post your answers :)

State Bank Of India SBI,

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How RBI desides the quantity of banknotes to be printed


sir, i have finalized for tax assistant-2008, please tell me how much time its will take to join.


1) How many branches & ATM of SBI in INDIA now. 2) Slogan of SBI? pure banking nohing else or with u all the way,clear it.

State Bank Of India SBI,

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SBI interview guide books issues enormous data about a bank.How can i manage such data to get.pls tell me some reliable sites name.

State Bank Of India SBI,


Hi guys, I want to know about educational criteria about sbi clerical recruitment. In interview letter they have given that 12th 60%and above and Graduation 40% and above. What is making me trouble is "and" instead of "or".

State Bank Of India SBI,

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hi, i took selected for SBI clerks' 2009 and my interview date is on 29/4/10 in nungambakkam chennai. anyone who is having earlier date pls help me with some questions


How many prime misnisters of paksitan have been dismissed so far


What is meant by Region 'A' states mentioned by SBI for clerical interview language selection?

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Hi my name is srinivas i have selected for karnataka bank but my number put in waiting list what is that meaning? plz help me

Karnataka Bank,

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hii. i am a B.TECH(EEE) graduate .i want 2 knw wat type of qusns r askd 2 graduates in SBI clerk interview??plz post answer ASAP..


What is the interest rate for SBI Accounts? Interest rates for Loans?

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I have completed BE, EEE.If they ask "How you use your knowledge gained in your BE profession in Banking?" Please any suggestion.

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I am a Casual Employee of Water Resources Department of Assam. I want to when we are convert to Regular post from Fixed pay employee. We are engaged in this deptt. before 1993.


If you were made the prime minister of India what will you do regarding Pakistan Issue ?


Sir please give information regarding managerial aptitude test because ,I am preparing for Apsrtc supervisor examination,if any one finds any ebook or any information means plz mail to me my id


i am selected in fci written test can anyone share his/her previous experiance of document verification


i want to prepare for the post of branch manager?but i dont know wht is asked in its exam?so if any one know kindly post a reply... how to prepare for the post of branch manager.what are the areas should i focus on.what will be the selection produre and what will be the salary? i have currentl done my with Information technology branch ...


Is there a difference in professional tax and profession tax.....are they same or which one is correct?


hi..i got selected for postal assistant..would i get a call letter for certificate verification or should i directly approach the regional head office with certificates?


what type of syllabus or quetion for the post of pablic relation officer in dharmday ayukta


what is means of testing assistant post of mpeb


hello myself sumit gupta i belongs to handicapped cateogery i hav given exam of indian bank on 22-08-2010 can anyone tell me what should be the cutoff for this clerk exams i will score more than 130 & between 140 afer detuctingf negative marks plz suggest me am i eligible or not


Why You would like to join SBI when you are working in a private sector at a good salary and designation ??


Relationship between bank and share markets:


If Indian government passes a rule that the people working under government sector & their respective family members must join in governmnet schools and colleges for their studies and in case of any health problems or emergency cases their respective family members must be admitted in government hospitals and will not be allowed in any many of them will to work unnder govenment sector


when the police constables recuriment decleration of 2012 ?


can a 12th pass person working in army eligible to apply for the post of police sub inspector through MPSC maharashtra public service commission??